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The Making of a PKS Member

The story behind it is.

" I was convinced (by Barry Rogers) to attend the knap-in in Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada). While there I meet one of the nicest people (PSK member Donn Paris), wow, so I watched the knapping from a distance. Within a short while he noticed me and invited me to sit and learn to make an arrow head. During my lesson I told him that I would really like to make knives.

With a small laugh he said to practice a bit first and then we will discuss how it is done. While I was trying to make the arrow head (two days to finish) he handed me a knife and said it was mine to keep. Wow, can you believe the time and effort he used and then just gives it to a stranger/wannabe knife maker.

Well I took it home a showed anyone that came around my treasure and most said the same thing - "MAKE A HANDLE". Being a carver, I contacted Donn and asked his permission and he gave me the go ahead and do what you want. I found a bunch of pieces (elk horn, white tail button, alabaster, and a hunk of walnut) and started to put them together. I sent Donn pictures to get approval and his responses made my day.

Being one of those Knappers Donn just takes someone under his wing and makes you feel that you did it right and can do anything. I do always want to thank Donn and all the Knappers I meet for making my day and feeling that the world still has a lot of great people. Knappers have my vote."

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