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Knapping Artwork by Jim Hopper

One of the finest knappers in the Pacific Northwest (or anywhere for that matter), Jim Hopper has influenced a number of other great knappers including the likes of Joe Higgins and Stan Norgaard. And according to Stan 'Jim Hopper has the greatest eye-hand coordination of any man I've ever known ' .

A fixture and co-host at the Ilahee/North Umpqua Knap-in, Jim can usually be found knapping with Big Bad Brad and anyone that wants a lesson!


Points from the Private Collection of Carolyn Cavender Alexander with permission

New Points from Jim Hopper - 2017 (click on thumbnail for larger image)

Latest six photos of Jim's work - 5/3/14

The Jim Hopper all percussion novaculite blade in the photo below (held by Joe Greenwell) belongs to Dr. Joe Higgins and was made by Jim at a Richardsons' Rock Ranch Knap-in.  With a crowd of onlookers, Jim percussion knapped this blade  while "talking a mile a minute and smoking a cigarette!"  14” long, 3/8” thick, and 5” wide it has an aspect ratio - width to thickness -of an incredible 13:1

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