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Douglas 'Grey' CowanArt Gallery

Grey  joined the PSK in 2013 while working an apprentice instructor at the Wilderness Awareness School in Duval, WA.  Greg took full advantage of the skills and experience of fellow PSK knappers and has become a fine knapper. He had been a frequent participant at the Sammamish Weekly Knap-ins and occasionally attended the weekly Ft Knapadonia Knap-ins before moving to Austin, TX.

He's still a member in good standind and from the results of his latest work has done the PSK proud!  He's also been instrumental in developing the bonds between the Wilderness Awareness School and the PSK resulting in a number of 'WAS' students joining the PSK and learning to knap with us!

July 2021 Updates from Grey Cowan

February 2019 Updates from Grey Cowan

Montana Agates

Pigeons Blood Agate

Pedernales Flint

Petrified Palmwood

Painted Buffalo

Painted Buffalo 8

Painted Buffalo 7

Painted Buffalo 6

Painted Buffalo 5

Painted Buffalo 9

Painted Buffalo 4

Painted Buffalo 3

Painted Buffalo 2

Oregon Jasper


Keokuck Knife


Painted Buffalo, Pigeons Blood, Painted Buffalo

Georgetown 4

Georgetown 2

Here's Grey's first knapped art submission - February 15, 2015

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