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Breaking the Learning Curve: Assessing Flintknapping Skill at the Epipalaeolithic Site of Kharaneh IV, Jordan*
Thesis by Felicia Victoria De Peņa

*(Copyrighted - Use by the PSK by Permission of the Author - for educational and entertainment purposes only. No reproduction for commercial use permitted)

On October 30th, 2020, the Puget Sound Knappers recieved a request, via their website, to support the Doctoral research of Felicia De Pena.  Felicia, a flintknapper, archaeologist, and educator, wished to join the PSK and get our help in her research for her doctoral dissertation on flintknapping of the Epipalaeolithic period of the Levant (Middle East/Jordan).

The PSK was more than willing to assist in whatever way possible!   It just so happens that the webmaster, James Keffer, hosts a weekly knap-in at his shop in Sammamish each Friday and had the resouces and knappers to make this happen. It didn't take any effort to recruit the regular attendees and a couple of others to participate in this endeavor!

More about the PSK Participation here.

The Thesis (click on the image)

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