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Knapping Artwork by Betty Roberts

Far more famous for here Spinning Wheels, Betty is neverthless an accomplished knappers.  You can even see some of her knapped work inlaid into her spinning wheels.  While she doesn't have her own website you can esily find her by 'googling' Betty Roberts Spinning Wheels.  She's definitely a legend in the world of spinning wheels!



Other 'Art' by Betty - World Renown Spinning Wheels

Latest Work by Betty - More Beautiful Spinning Wheels - October 2016

Aspen Wheel 2016

Castle Wheels 2016-01 & 02


Castle Wheels 2016-03

Original Model 2016-01


Spoked Walnut Castle Spinning Wheel

Catalpa Wood - Castle Style, Lonstar Design in Wheels, Flyer made of Catalpa Wood


The Patchwork made of a variety of different woods, Mulberry, Yew, cherry, Elm, Walnut, Russian Olive Aspen, etc.

Redwood Burl Reclaimed from a Table made in the 1960 's

Pinwheel Design Wheel on the Inlay Table with Flowers, etc. Just put in place.

Beautiful Spinning Wheels circa 2005 (posted 2010)


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