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Barry Bonnell Art Gallery

Barry joined the PSK May 15th, 2014 and has become a regular at the weekly Ft Knapadonia and Sammamish Knap-ins.  A extremely quick study with great eye/hand coordination he's improved a great deal in just a few months!


Former Major Leaguer Barry Bonnell continues to support worthy causes, in this case the Milford Schools Foundation via its"Night of the Stars" auction.

"I decided on small display boxes (4.5" x 5.5") since the points are small. Successful bidders can re-frame them any way they wish. However, I did back light the midnight lace point and below is the finished product in both the on and off positions. The button is a "momentary on" normally off push button on the top side of the frame. That's to extend the life of the battery, which is a CR2032 button cell. If the switch were left on, the battery would drain in a week or so. This way is better. To see the point back lit, just push and hold the button and the light will stay on as long as the button is pressed. The light goes out when the button is released. Hope ya'll like it and that somebody bids it up so the foundation can continue to support Milford schools in the excellent ways they do..."

The "Night of the Stars" auction was a big success. One bidder took all four of Barry's points. Find the Milford Schools Foundation website here: Milford Schools Foundation/Donations


Ambient Light (left)                                               LED Back lit (right)



Mookaite Flake Mounted and Framed 10-05-15


Midnight Lace Point from a discarded flake!!


Barry's first Art Gallery Point - A Rookies first Home Run!


Small Skinner


Small skinner mounted in a deer leg handle


Barry's second Art Gallery Point


Atlatl made by Barry at PSK member Dan Meatte's Atlatl workshop


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