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54th Annual Nature’s Treasures Rock and Gem Show 2012 Report

The PSK was invited to demonstrated flintknapping at the 54th Annual Nature’s Treasures Rock and Gem Show 2012 in Port Angeles, WA October 6th and 7th.  Although located on the Olympic Penisula - a couple of hours for even the nearest PSK member - we managed a pretty good turnout.  With the likes of Master Knappers Joe Higgins, Mick Hill, Jim Miller and Harry Oda as well as several other good knappers, we were able to not only demonstrate flintknapping but we also got a number of visitors to try their hand at the art of flintknapping.  We also discovered there was a number of folks that were very interested joining the PSK - both experienced knappers and 'noobies'!

PSK Members Attending:

Jim Keffer
Joe Higgins
Harry Oda
Mick Hill
Jim Miller
Woody Woodside
Donn Paris
Richard Shelling (renewed member)
Rich Russel (just dropped by)

Since most of our time was spent demostrating and teaching there wasn't much tome for photos but here's a few:


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