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The PSK at a Pagan Gathering

by Mick Hill

That Pagan Gathering was a kick!

There were about 30 people there - about 20 tried knapping - some Really(!) took to it!! - 3 or 4 will be at the August Knapadonia - I left them with about 3 gallons of usable spalls.

And just to let you know, the rapid growth in the PSK membership now officially pales to the explosive growth of the BSK (Blind Sightless Knappers) - which has now doubled in size! - another blind lady showed up with Marty with the same game spirit and they both spent hours at it.  It was almost as much of learning experience for me as it was for them - I actually had Marty lean over her back and work hands on her hands - with their ADVANCED sense of feel they were able to ACCURATELY communicate the process with each other without being hampered by my HANDICAP:   -sight-             ...............hard to explain, but it was there were some wonderful moments there.  I was pretty much of a kind of third string referee bystander for much of it ......  I just jumped in occasionally to explain a few principles and to interrupt their incessant giggling ..............

Another interesting moment was when I had Marty try out indirect percussion for the first time.  She had all but given up on the idea of percussion because of the "tight tolerances" when "swinging in the dark".   She had a definite "twinkle" in her glass eyes when she pulled of that first 2" spall when she tried indirect.

We also ALL spent quite a bit of time trying out my atlatl - it was quite the hit!   And get this...we put a cellphone with a ringtone running behind a thick styrofoam target so's Marty could "aim" at the sound with the atlatl - she buried that dart about 8'' into it from about 30 ft on about her 4th try!

More later.  I left before the evening celebrations/ceremonies started - should have tried to stick around later - would have been interesting - - - lots of fairy costumes were coming out..........




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