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Mick and Holly Hill's 2010 Turkey Fest Knap-in at Millersylvania State Park

Once again Holly outdid herself!  Great accomodations, outstanding food and she even arranged for some good weather!


Millersylvania Knap-in - 2010

By James C. Keffer

Mick and Holly Hill hosted another great knap-in this year at Millersylvania State Park near Olympia, Washington.  This year was a little different than last year - the wind didn't blow and it rain mostly at night.  Even if it had, Mick and Holly had reserved the main pavilion which, between the three enclosed sides, the huge fireplace and four wood burning stoves, was kept toasty warm.

This knap-in was notable for a number of reasons.  First, the return of one of  PSK's favorite knapping sons, Dave Rauschenberg.  While Dave has been noticeably absent from recent knap-ins, his return was much heralded !  In addition to providing knapping instruction to some young 'newbies', Dave brought several display cases of his outstanding knapping art as well as some replicate Native American wood carvings - a mask and totem.  Inspirational to say the least!  Plus Dave brought a large three ring binder of photos, articles, artwork, etc, on the PSK's history!  These he's lent to me to put on the website so keep visiting!

The second notable thing was the number of 'newbies', several adults and several youngsters began their knapping experience over the weekend.  Most of the newbies have joined the PSK and several already have their photos up on the website.  It was a good thing that Mick generously provided so much free rock - we all, newbies included, went through quite a bit.

Also notable was the attendance of 'relative' newbie, Harley Slade, of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Harley joined the PSK last year at Dave Pehling's Cabin Fever Knap-in.  Harley had just returned to college from a couple of month's vacation in Europe where, evidently he spent most of his time hunting and collecting knappable rock - English and Danish flint among others!  Look for more stuff from Harley on the website.

While the whole knapping experience was great, Holly Hill's potluck dinner was OUTSTANDING !  All you could eat roast turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (unbelievable collaboration between Holly and Betty Hensel), gravies, salads, several types of beans, squash, pies, etc, etc, etc.  Oh, I have to mention the brussels sprouts made by Bonnie, a friend of Holly.  Now I know most people don't like brussels sprouts (I didn't either until last years knap-in which I attributed to a fluke), but I've got to tell you they were fantastic - jumped WAY up on my list of favorite veggies.  Now if I could only learn to cook them that way!  I also wish I could remember each an every contributor to the potluck dinner - every thing was delicious!

Attendance (at least those who signed the guest book!):

PSK Members/Knappers*

Mick* and Holly Hill                              Joe Greenwell* and Bettye Hensel*
Dave Rauschenburg*                               Jim Smith*
Don* and Carolyn Wattenbarger             Jim* and Beverly Keffer
Rich Russell *                                         Sam Black*

Don Paris*                                              Dick Kocan*

Bob McDaniel*                                      Anya and Harley* Slade, Canadian guests

Preston Stanke


New Knappers
Ron Folty                                           Kay Lloy

Mike Nesbitt                                      Karin, Juston, and Jahnich (13) Saunders


Friends and Guests
Matthew Frasier
Dan and Lucky Dausener
Hossein and Bonnie, w/daughters Mitra, Agahi
Bev York
John and Jann Lawsen

Kevin Coleman



 Jim Smith, Rich Russell, Dick Kocan - Millersylvania 2010

Joe Greenwell - Millersylvania 2010

New Knappers - Kay Lloy, Mike Nesbitt and Ron 'Bigfoot' Folty

Harley and his Mom, Anya

 More new Knappers - Juston and Karin Saunders

Another new Knapper!

Family Affair

 Millersylvania Knappers - TurkeyFest Knap-in 2010


Dave Rauschenberg

More Millersylvania TurkeyFest Knappers - 2010

Donn Paris and Jim Keffer with an audience

New Knapper Jonathon Lawson getting some free instruction  

Don Wattenbarger

Venerable knappers Joe Greenwell and Dave Rauschenberg

Mick Hill provides some great instruction!

Dave, Mick and Harley

Dave Rauschebberg checking out some of Harley's flint and Red Ocre. Dave also makes Totems and Totem Poles and the Red Ocre will be used to make authentic paint for the Totems.

More new Knappers

Another shot of the TurkeyFest Knappers - 2010

We're either knapping or eating!

Lots of Help!


Jim and his Better Half Bevery removing the Turkey from the cooker

Jim Keffer carving a Turkey with help from Joe Greenwell



Barely enough left for the mice!


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