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Millersylvania Turkeyfest Knap-in 2011 Report

 Harley Slades's YouTube Video Link:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwb5lNxhEl0

Knapping House

Mick and Holly Hill’s 15th annual Turkeyfest Knap-in at Millersylvania State Park was, as usual, a real treat!  Even the weather was great


Millersylvania State Park is an 842-acre camping park with 3,300 feet of freshwater shoreline on Deep Lake just 12 miles from downtown Olympia, WA. The park, filled with trails, is abundant in old-growth cedar and fir trees. Millersylvania was constructed almost entirely by hand in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps.  One of the best features for a knap-in are the 'kitchens', large, log pavillions complete with wood burning stoves and large fireplaces.  A few extra work lights and voila' - a great place to break some rock!


As fast as folks arrived the knapping started – it might have seemed pretty serious to the casual observer but simply knapping to the PSK members attending.  And speaking of observers – we had a lot of people stop in to take a look.  Some saw the event announcement in the local paper and made a special trip.  Others, out for a stroll in the park, just popped in to check out the commotion.  A local scout troop also stopped in and got a good look at flintknapping in action as well as some fabulous displays! 


And whether it was good fortune or just happenstance, the Olympian sent a reporter and photographer to see what all the excitement was about.  Check it out - http://www.theolympian.com/2011/11/06/1866652/ancient-art-of-flintknapping-on.html



Knapping with friends around a fire, especially indoors around a BIG fireplace –well  it’s hard to get any better that that!  But at Millersylvania it DOES!  Holly’s potluck turkey dinner with all the trimmings is to DIE for!  Roast Turkey, deep-fried turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, salads, pies, cakes, cookies, cranberries, etc, etc, etc, -  what a FEAST!   It was hard not to eat too much and most people did !


Good weather or bad – this is one knap-in that just too good to pass up – I’ll certainly be back for  the 16th annual Millersylvania Knap-in in 2012!

Photos courtesy of PSK member Bettye Hensel 


The trail to the knapping site


Host Mick and Holly Hill


Just a little cool to start - but nothing that would deter PSK knappers!


(left to right) David Smith, Jim Smith, Faaea Tao Anderson, Dave Pehling(background), Donn Paris, Dee Boyer (foreground)



Some Scouts who dropped by and were WOWED by the displays and actual knapping - we may have made a few more converts!







Knapping by Fire Light

Rich Russell and Dana Anderson



Meet the Press

Interview and Photographs courtesyof THe Olympian





Joe Greenwell - knapping by fire light.




Soon to be new knappers with Jim 'Reefer' Keffer




Holly's Potluck Turkey Dinner - with ALL of the trimmings!








Mick and Holly Hill

Jim and Beverly Keffer

Dana and Faaea Toa Anderson

Donn Paris

Dave Pehling

Harley and Anja Slade (British Columbia)

Ron Folty and Kay Lloy

Jim Smith

Joe Greenwell and Bettye Hensel

Dee Boyer

Mike Nesbitt

David Smith (Florida)




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