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Stocking up on Firewood for Winter Knapping at Ft. Knapadonia

With winter fast approaching here in the PNW it was time to stock up on firewood for winter knapping at the 'Fort'. Blain Kykendall provided the firewood in the form of some downed Douglas Fir logs on his property on Whidbey Island.  The labor was provide by the  'Gang of Knappers' from Ft. Knapadona.

We arrive promptly at 9:00am and by noon we have cut up a half dozen large logs into rounds, loaded them into two pick-ups and one trailer, hauled the back to the Fort and split and stack more than a cord of fine firewood.  Not a bad mornings' work!

Thanks to all who pitched in a helped:

Joe Higgins  

Jim Keffer

Jim Smith

Valli Eichstedt

Stephen Little Bear

Blain Kykendall

Bob Bower

Terry Groves

Chip Batcheller

Dick Dickinson

Jack Locke


Gotta love a Stihl!

Knapadonia Host Joe Higgins - log hauler!


Blain overseeing the log removal

Valli's trailer - love the flowers!

Are we having fun yet - HELL YEAH!

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