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 Kittitas Valley's Fall Gathering of Stone Age Craftsman


Host Jim Baugh did an outstanding job organizing the 1st Annual Kittitas Valley's Fall Gathering of Stone Age Craftsman at the Rock'n Tomahawk Ranch near Ellensburg, Washington! It was a resounding success! Most of the local knappers pitched in during the week and virtually guaranteed the success. 

Special RECOGNITION goes to Co-Host Mike Tari who did  most of the heavy lifting!   Anyone that has hosted or help host a knap-in knows the amount of work required for a successful event.  Mike exemplifies the dedication and can-do spirit that PSK members have come to appreciate at our knap-ins.  And this is not the only knap-in where Mike has made a significant contribution.  For as many years as I've attended Ed Thomas' Goldendale Knap-in, Mike has always been there ahead of everyone else, working hard to get things ready.  On behalf of the all the knappers and attendees at the Kittitas Knap-in - THANKS MIKE!

Special recognition also go to the owners of the Rock'n Tonahawk Ranch, Bobbi and Bernice Best.   Impeccable sources give most of the credit to Bernice (Bobbi said he was just along for the ride)!

 For almost two years, the PSK has been trying to start a new knap-in in the eastern part of Washington to make it easier for our eastern members to attend.  A lot of knappers were interested and Jim stepped up  and did the heavy lifting.  He found an ideal location at the Rock'n Tomahawk Ranch - plenty of room for camping and knapping, beautiful area and ideal weather for an October knap-in.

While the 'official' start date was Saturday, Oct 8th, many knappers arrived early Friday to 'help'.  So many arrived early that there was little left to do by Friday night but start knapping.

Saturday started off with a bang.  Newest PSK member, Lois Dwoshak, who flew down from Juneau, Alaska, brought some authentic Alaska Sourdough and made pancakes for the potluck breakfast - fantastic!

Immediately after breakfast chips began to fly!  The half dozen 'newbies' took advantage of the free rock and free instruction from the likes of  Jim Miller, Stu Murdock, Cole Hurst, Richard Urata and Brian Knapp.  The son and daughter-in-law of the owner of the ranch tried their hand at knapping as well.   Bobbi Jr., with coaching from his new mentor Brian Knapp, went on to win the 2" Goat competition against some fierce challenges by almost 20 knappers!

Richard Urata started a couple of 'community points' with about 20 knappers contributing and signing the points.  These points went to the host, Jim Baugh and ranch owner, Bobbi Sr.  A display case of points knapped  at the two-day event also went to the owner of the Ranch and included contributions from Jim Miller, Stu Murdock and a number of other fine knappers.

Saturday's Potluck Dinner, a PSK standard, featured beef stew, a whole poached salmon, lasagna, fried chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, local fresh corn on the cob, baked and fried potatoes (also local), chips, salads, pies, cakes, peach cobbler, etc, etc, etc! 

The rest of the evening was spent around the campfire - telling stories and trying to solve the world's problems.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat - potluck breakfast of sourdough pancakes and sausage, followed by lots of knapping.  The only interruption was a little fishing at the stock pond adjacent to the knapping area.  Several  attempts by a couple of knappers using various yielded no fish even though they were rising to tiny flies.  As luck would have it, Reefer remembered he had a fly rod in his camper.  Five minutes later and he'd landed a fine 17" rainbow, followed shortly by a 14" cutbow. 

This was such a fine knap-in that there were still a dozen knappers still around at 5:00 pm Sunday evening.  Everyone hated to leave and most only did so after Jim assured everyone he'd host another one next year, same time, same place!

Partial List of attendees

 Harvey Zacker 

Jim Baugh 

 Dan Morasch

 Jim Smith

 Mike Tari

 Jim Keffer

 Cole Hurst

 Jim Miller

 Myron Olsen

 Lois Dworshak 

 Lee Olsen

 Ian Elliott

 Richard and Joan Urata

 Joe Wernex

 George and Cheryle Bryce

 Ron Nichols

 Woody Woodside

 Kyle Koch*

 Lucas Rebrovic*    

 Kyle Koloini* 

 Stuart 'The Ute' Murdock

 Phil Kischner 

 Brian Knapp 

 Bob and Naomi Best**

 Bill and Billie Mclure 

Bobbi and Bernice Best 


 Myron Olson

* Newbies

** Newbie and winner 2" Goat competition!


More Photos to follow

(left to right) 'Newbie' Lois Dworshak from Auke Bay, Alaska, George Bryce (kneeling), Myron Olson, Kyle Koloini (kneeling w/ glasses), unknown newbie.

Brian Knapp and Mike Tari

Harvey Zacker

Cole Hurst



2" Goat Competition

(serious competition)

Ron Nichols taking a shot

George Bryce - nice patch!



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