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Illahee Flats Knap-in

Hosts Brad Baughman,  Jim Hopper and Dan Lusby


As usual the Illahee Flats/ North Umpqua Knap-in, hosted by ‘Big Bad Brad’ Baughman, Jim Hopper and Dan Lusby was a resounding success!   Several tons of FREE knappable rock were provided by the hosts as well a free lessons to anyone and everyone that wanted to participate!


In keeping with the PSK tradition of promoting flintknapping, public involvement and participation, the Douglas County News sent a reporter and photographer to the knap-in!  They’re doing a series of articles of the knap-in and PNW knapping – way too much good stuff for just one article!  Special Thanks to Becky Holm, Editor/Publisher, Reporter Bill Jones and Photographer Michael Weil


The Illahee Flats Knap-in is also known for the outstanding knappers that attend – Jim Hopper, Brad Baughman, Dan Lusby, Emory Coons, Stu Murdock, Mick Hill, Terry Kramer, Bill Hart, Jim Smith, Jack Curry, Josh Antos and Bill Black!  (Jack Curry owns Black Powder Jacks and made the Elk hide shirt Brad so proudly wore throughout the week!)


 There were over 30 "NEW" Knappers...People that had never picked up a rock to chip before.  Over 200 people attended during the week-long knap-in – knappers, friends and family members!


Some of the ‘newbies’:

Dan Metz – resident of Steamboat, OR, Dan is the District Foreman, ODOT, for the Rouge River and North Umpqua Highways.


Jay Seefeld is Brad’s nephew from Colorado.

Brad’s nephew’s son, Taylor Cottrell shows some of the first points.


In addition to lots of knapping, people were exposed to other ‘nature arts’.  Terry Kramers display some of his fantastic woood carvings.  Chenoa Hopper (Jim's daughter) displayed her private collection of points and blades.  Mariah Lusby demonstrated  how to make cordage from local plant fibers.  Glen Baughman, another member of the artistic Baughman clan, took watercolor paper, treated it with chemicals, placed local fauna (flowers, ferns, etc) on top of the paper with the chemicals and then placed it in the sun to develop.  Vinegar set the image resulting in some amazing art! 

Musical entertainmemt was provided by Mick Hill and his bagpipes and Stu Murdock with his home made Didgeridoo.  Bagpipes, Didgeridoo and Illahee - what a combination!


One of the regular and notable features at the Illahee Knap-in are the ‘Community Dinners’.  This years community dinners featured Chicken and Dumplings (an Illahee Flats staple!), Chicken Soup, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Fresh Oysters, Roast Beef and Steak!


Make plans for next year's Illahee Flats Knap-in!




Just the Facts!

Thanks to Becky Holm, Editor/Publisher
Douglas County News
Reporter Bill Jones and Photographer Michael Weil 


Carving by Terry Cramer

Good Eats - Coffee and Stew!

Illahee Knappers

Around the Campfire


Taylor Cottrell

Guess Who?


On the Tarp

Jay Seefeld  - First Points!

Dan Lusby

A 'Knappy' Bunch

Bill Hart (foreground), Jim Hopper (background)

Daniel Lusby

Jim Smith and Mick Hill

Jim Hopper (foreground) Dan Lusby (background)

Stu 'Ute Flintknapper' Murdock





The Entertainment

Mick Hill - Bagpipes

Stu Murdock - Didgeridoo

Stu Murdock giving lessons to Terry Kramer


The Hosts - without whom Knap-ins don't happen!

Brad Baughman and Family

Host Jim Hopper - left (and Bill Hart and Mick Hill)

Co-Host Dan Lusby


Family and Friends

Brad and Jay Seefeld (Brad's nephew)

Brad working on a large blade

Brad with Dan Metz and Family - MegaHawk Blade!

Master Cordage Maker Mariah Lusby

Gracious Lusby - Chuggin a Henry's (rootbeer)

Mica Lusby - another Henry's

Tamica Baughman

Suzie Baughman

Tamica Baughman and Jim Hopper

Knapper Art


Emory Coon's Eagle

Emory's Knapped Frog

Chenoa Hopper's Private Collection



Jim Hopper Rogue Point

Montana Moss Agate Frog (not knapped)

More Art

Terry Kramer - Knapper/Woodcarver


Art by Glenn Baughman

Art in Progress

Artist Glenn Baughman

Knapper Paradise - Illahee Flats

(special photos by Emory Coons)

The 'Locals'

More 'Locals'

Mountain Orchid




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