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Goldendale Knap-in 2012 Report

May 18th - 20th, 2012


Once again, Ed and Loretta Thomas provided all the ingredients for a great knap-in!  Wonderful hospitaltiy, great location, beautiful weather and a terrific place to knap!

Located in south central Washington just 10 miles north of the Columbia River, Ed and Loretta's place, 'Thomas Hollow', is 20 acres of small, rolling hills sparsely covered by scrub oak, pine and fir trees.  The abundant wildlife, deer, squirrels, quail, doves and turkeys were daily visitors.  At least a half dozen deer paid us a visit every day, coming right into Ed's back yard.  And every day one or two coveys of quail made their way through the knapping area.   Knapping to the sound of cock quail calling their flock is beautiful background music while knapping!

Many thanks to all those who helped make this happen - especially Mike Tari who came the weekend before to help set up, Jim Miller and Jim & Bevery Keffer for providing the entrées for the potluck.




Don Safford - Hot Springs, MT

Phil and Sherry Kirschner - Snohomish, WA

Joe Greenwell - Seattle, WA

Mike Tari - Wapato, WA

Bettye Hensel - Everett, WA

Jay Powell, Terrebonne, OR

Sam Black - Des Moines, WA

Ralph Sisson, Terrebonne, OR

Joseph and Arlene Wernex - Ellensburg, WA

 Stuart Murdock - Redmond, OR

Ron Nichols - Ellensburg, WA

 Jim Baugh - Ellensburg, WA

Bill and Judy Thomas - Lynden, WA                                       

Tom and Denise Maybeck - Toppenish, WA
Steve Braden - Salem, OR

Rich and Jennifer Russell - Kent, WA
Jerry Merchantel - Tucson, AZ

Rayand Majorie Lafond - Goldendale, WA
Bob Turner - Sussex, England U.K.

Bob Kitch - Husum, WA

James and Beverky Keffer - Sammamish, WA

Jay Jauken - Centerville, WA
Brian P Fletcher - Goldendale, WA

David Aarness - Centerville, WA
Steve Braden - Salem, OR

Wyatt Garrett - Centerville, WA
Bill McClure- Baker City, OR

Kurt Philips - Klamath, OR

Jim Miller - Bothell, WA

Mick and Holly Hill - Lacy, WA
Ed and Loretta Thomas - Goldendale, WA

Don and Caroline Wattenbarger  - Milwaukie, OR


Whole lot of knapping going on!



Individual Knappers



The Potluck Dinner - A PSK Tradition


Where were the women - taking photos of the guys at the feed trough!



PKS Knap-in usually feature knapping competitions.  Each participant donates a few bucks and the pot is split between the winner and the host - helping to cover the cost of the knap-in.

The 10-Speed competition is one of the more 'intense' - each knapper provide a rock and each rock is numbered.  Knappers then draw a number from a hat and receive the rock with the corresponding number.  They then have 10 minutes to knap the best point they can.  

The 2012 Goldendale 10-speed winner was none other than Jim Miller who graciously donated his half of the pot to the host!  Thanks you Jim!

The judges are the Flintknapping Floozies - knapper's spouses/partners with a remarkable knowledge of point styles, flake patters, symmetry and aspect ratio.  They take their duty VERY SERIOUSLY

Here's the 'Judges' at work - discussion the finer point of the 10-Speed results:


The winning point - from a 'BUTT_UGLY' rock!


All the rest


Knapper Art at the Knap-in



Some of Ed's Knapping Rock - Jaspers, Opalized/Agatized Wood, Agate and even some Obsidian!


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