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The 2011 Goldendale/Thomas Hollow Knap-in, hosted by Ed and Loretta Thomas, was once again an outstanding success! 

Ed, one of the founding fathers of the Puget Sound Knappers, has been hosting this knap-in for a decade and the combination of good weather, plenty of room (20 acres), lots of ammentities including a 24 target archery course, always makes for a great time!  We're still trying to tally up the attendance but suffice to say it was very well attended, well over 20 knappers plus family and friends. 

In addition to several newbie knappers, the 2011 Goldendale Knap-in welcomed back several notable knappers who've been missed over the last could of years - master knapper and Paleo Artist Cole Hurst and master knapper and Native American (Cherokee), Jim Baugh.  For any of use who are less experienced (and talented), the chance to watch these masters of the are is a real treat!

Goldendale is a quintessenntial PSK Knap-in - great host, great food, great knappers, plenty of rock and a great place to take free lessons from some of the very best knappers anywhere!

A PSK knap-in is not just about knapping but also features other Paleo Art.   This one was no exception.  Just take a look at some of the other art of Cole Hurst, Stu Murdock, Jim Baugh and others.


Partial List of knappers attending:

  1. Ed Thomas
  2. Mick Hill
  3. Mike Tari
  4. Stu Murdock
  5. Jim Smith
  6. Jim Baugh
  7. Jim Miller
  8. Jim Keffer
  9. Harvey Hughett
  10. Ron Nickols
  11. Joseph Wernex
  12. Joe Greenwell
  13. Betty Roberts
  14. Ian Elliott* 
  15. Robert Roy*
  16. Max Guettinger*
  17. Cole Hurst
  18. Webb Hammond
  19. Don Wattenberg
  20. Louis Toweill

New Members*:

For more photos of individual's art visit their art galleries in the 'Interesting Stuff' secton


Come early or park far away!

Even the trees love the Goldendale Knap-in (photo take on site)!

Around the Campfire

Potluck Dinner - A Feast!

The Knappers

(visible faces - left to right) Rob Roy, Stu 'Ute' Murdock, Jim Baugh, Mike Tari (foreground)


(foreground - left to right) Ron Nickols, Joseph Wernex, Mick Hill, Jim Miller (green brim), Jim Smith (tan hat & brim)

Native American PSK Members

(left to right) Stuart Murdock - Ute Nation, Jim Baugh, Cherokee Nation


Harvey Hughett

Mick 'Big Blade' Hill

(left ot right) Jim 'Reefer' Keffer, Jim Smith, Joe Wernex, Mick Hill, Joe Greenwell, Arlene Wernex







Jim Smith (on right with beard) giving free lessons to a newbie

Knappers and their Art on Display at the Goldendale Knap-in


Cole Hurst - Display Case

Cole Hurst Obsidian Blades - Mexican Green and Davis Creek Rainbow

Cole Hurst - Ceremonial Dance Blade

Cole Hurst - Ceremonial Headdress


Stuart 'Ute' Murdock - Celtic Knives

Stuart Murdock  -Replica Sinew-backed Short Bow - Northern California 'Modock Tribe


Jim Baugh - Native American Necklaces

Jim Miller

Points Sold at the Goldendale Knap-in - 50% of Prodeeds going to the Host!

Jim Miller - Petrified Wood Points

Mick Tari - Self Bows


Newbie PSK Member/Knapper Max Guettinger

Newbie PSK Member/Knapper Rob Roy

Newbie PSK Member/Knapper Ian

Not Newbies


More 'Flintknapping Floozies'!

(left to right) Holly Hill Carol Wattenbarger, Beverly Keffer

The Archers

Archer Carol Wattenbarger

Carol and Don Wattenbarger and Jim smith

Archer Joe Greenwell


Archer Jim Smith

The Accomodations Section


Joe and Betty's new digs

Stuart Murdock - Truck and Tent - Chili Cook!

Campers, Trailers. Motorhomes, Tents - you name it!

Beautiful evening!

Field Ambulance - just in case!


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