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Fort Knapadonia Knap-in August 16th - August 22nd 2010
Whidbey Island, WA
Hosted by Joe Higgins

Well folks here it is - The 2010 Fort Knapadonia Knap-in.

A little History is in order. Joe Higgins, the host of the Ft Knapadonia Knap-in, is one of the founding members of the Puget Sound Knappers Association. The PSK held its first knap-in in 1991 and has been going strong ever since. The PSK is a Clan of the OogaBooga tribe with approximately 350 members (at least that's about who's on our newsletter mailing list!). Richard Urata of Hamilton, MT is the current Chief of the clan and the Council of Elders consist of the founding members including Joe Higgins, Joe Greenwell, Ed Thomas, Harvey Hughett, Gerry Swiney and Dave Pehling. PSK Members typically hold/attend 7 knap-in annually, Cabin Fever (JAN), Glass Buttes (March) Goldendale (May), Illahee Flats (June), Ft. Knapadonia (Aug), Moses Lake (Sept) and Millersylvania (Nov).

2010 Ft. Knapadonia

I arrived Sunday the 15th to help with the final preparation at Ft. Knapadonia. The weather was great and the atmosphere electric! Not much to do except load the coolers with soda, put out a few more archery targets, and get ready for the community pancake breakfast in the morning. Joe and I enjoyed the sunset and turned in early.

People started arriving on Monday, Bob Popp from Oregon along with a half dozen or so local knappers. Nothing much to do except raise the roof on the awning and start KNAPPING! And enjoy the scenery and wildlife. Every day there were hawks, eagles, rabbits and quail to be seen in and around the camp.

People continued to arrive throughout the week, ultimately there were about 35 knappers plus twice that many friends, family, and visitors. There is plenty of area to camp and even two large teepees set up for guests. We had knappers from at least six states, WA, OR, ID, NV, MO and TX.

Each morning starts with a community breakfast of pancakes for anyone who'll eat Joe's cooking. Then the various activities begin. During a typical day, the main activity is knapping and there is plenty of free rock and lots of knapping! And plenty of loaner tools as well. Many knappers took advantage of free lessons from master knappers Joe Higgins, Jim Miller and others.

There are usually a couple of archery shoots each day with up to 12-15 archers, mostly using self-bows and a few re-curves. From 7 years to 70 years, the archers shoot at deer, coyote, and rabbit targets.

Other activities include bow-making, arrow-making, and forging/bladesmithing. There were plenty of expert instruction available from master bow builders and arrow makers Joe Higgins and Jay Gonsalves, and bladesmithing by Blaine Kykendal. Other artists shared their time and knowledge. Tom Sterling, metal sculpture and engraver, Bob Bower, Jim Smith and Joe Higgins, beadwork and stone knives and Wood carver Mick Brown.
On most nights were community dinners, homemade spaghetti, stuffed mushrooms, grilled salmon or hamburgers made up the entrées. Plenty of stories filed the evenings when it got too dark to knap.

To pay for the cost of the knap-in (Porta-Potties, etc), we held a silent auction of donated items. I’d like to recognize those who donated (my apologies if I leave someone out or forgot their name):

Ron Tresize - Agate necklace
Rory Linden - Beautiful knappable glass
Jim Keffer - Fluting Jig
Missing Name - Compresstion Fire Starter
Jim Smith - Obsidian Knife w/sheath
Jim Miller - Swedish Flint Point
Jim Miller - Texas Flint Point
Tom Sterling - Steel Obsidian neck Knife w/sheath
Blaine Kykendal - Cable Damascus Knife
Greg Gonsalves - Pottery Jug
Harvey Hughett - Rainbow Obsidian Knife
Randy - Antler Whistle
Unknown - Agate slabs

And finally - the POTLUCK DINNER - man do we eat well! Grilled salmon, scalloped potatoes, corn salad w/cilantro, coleslaw, cornbread, fruit salads, veggies of all kinds, pies, cake, brownies, cookies, chicken, chips, soda and beer and on and !

A TRULY GREAT KNAP-IN - Thanks you Joe Higgins!

Fort Knapadonia

The Camp's Teepee - Teepees for Guests at Ft. Knapadonia

Good Mojo visiting - Retail Hawk Keeping Watch over Ft. Knapadonia

Sunset over The Camp

The Art Gallery - /powsing the Art Gallery Displays

Just a few of the stone points

And, of course, there were knappers and knapping

And more knappers and knapping

And even more knappers and knapping

With large, manly stone tools

and small, less manly stone tools

And advanced technologies - forging the evil iron

Followed by good eats and good fellowship, another successful knap-in completed...

For a complete slideshow of the event: Knapadonia 2010 Slide Show

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