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Ft. Knapadonia Expansion

Due to several factors, including doubling the number of weekly knappers who now attend, Ft Knapadonia is undergoing an expansion!  With weekly attendance averaging 12-14 knappers, space was getting tight!

'Stimulus' funding has been donated by those knappers that regularly attend the weekly knap-in. Labor was also donated by the regulars led by Blain Kuykendal and Jim 'Reefer' Keffer under the auspices of Joe Higgins.

Regular knappers contributing labor/funding for the expansion as well as the potluck lunches:

Jack Locke, Chip Batcheller, Janet Tipping, Jim Smith, Tom Sterling, Valli Eichstedt, Terry Grove, Bob Bower, Dave Graves, Blain Kuykendal, Jim Keffer, Joe Higgins

In addition to making more room in the main 'Fort' for knappers, the expansion will provide a place for Knapadonia 24" slab saw and new, digitally controlled 23" ceramic kiln.  Here are some initial photos - more to come.

Post set in concrete

Roof framed and sheathed 05/04/2011

Roof with Shingles

Ready for concrete

Lunch Break! Some of the regulars enjoying Joe's chili for lunch!

Tight quarters - one reason for the expansion.

New heat treating kiln - one more reason to expand.

The parking lot

Pouring the Slab - 05/11/2011

Lead Foreman/General Contractor/Knapper - Blain Kuykendal

C'mom back

Post support by J Keffer

Valli supervising!

Pour Crew (left to right) Valli 'Girl' Eichstedt, Blain Kuykendal, Jim Keffer

QA Team (left to right) Janet Tipping, Bob Bower, Jack Locke


Screeding and filling

Janet doing some initial floating

First pass

Valli 'Girl' doing the heavy lifting

Chip Batcheller and Blain forming the new steps

Add a little concrete

A little trowel work

New Steps and porch


June 15th - Wire for lights/outlets, siding on, and painted,  and rain gutter installed (a must in the PNW).  Just waiting for the sliding door and side door!


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