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The PSK ROCKS Cabelas!


The Puget Sound Knappers held a fantastic Knap-in at CABELAS the weekend of January 22nd and 23rd and it was a BLAST!

Cabelas is a great place to hold a Knap-in.  They are great hosts and provide both an excellant area to knap and trememdous exposure to their many, many customers.  There were literally hundreds of people who stopped by the knapping area, many just to look, ask questions or simpluyto admire and enjoy the displays! But many that came joined us and tried their hand at knapping.  From six years old to sixty years old, men and women alike sat down to take knapping lessons from some of the best knappers anywhere.

The stated purpose of the Puget Sound Knappers is to 'To serve as a platform from which to promote and practice knapping basics and skills.' At Cabelas I truly think we suceeded!


Enjoy the show!



A very friendly welcome


Many Thanks to The News Tribune of Tacoma, WA and The Olympian of Olympia, WA for publishing the event!

Special thanks to Dusti Demarest for her permission to post the artcle on our website and Jeff Mayor for writing the article!

Also thanks to TammyMcGee of The Olympian for helping me contact the appropirated people at both publications!

Setting up the knapping area and displays

          Dave Rauschenberg and Jim Smith (and PSK Totem)

Jim Smith setting up our Conchoida Rock display

(brown tray and small tub 'freebie points')

Yep - Check it OUT!


Before the crowds arrived

Serious Knapping with lots of on-lookers!

Admiring the Lithics Art of various PSK members


Outstanding knapper Jim Miller doing some SERIOUS work!

Half of the two dozen PSK Knappers who attended

Lithics Art of Dave Rauschenberg

We're working on a PSK banner, in the meantime the PSK Totem works great!



More Lithics Art, self bows and arrows - Artists Jim Smith and Dave Rauschenberg

More Knapping


We added a few new items to our normal displays of Lithics Art. 

Here's a display of some modern tools as well as some 'Abo' tools'.  The 'Abo' tools included an antler billet, Elk leg bone pressure flakers and punches, and antler tine pressure flakers. 

We also had a display with a couple dozen different types knappable rocks - Texas flint, Burlington, Kay County,Perdenales,English and Swedish Flint, various Jaspers from Oregon, and several varieties of obsidian.  Both displays attracted  a lot of interest and we plan to expand them in the future.

Rock Display (behind the 'PLEASE - They are sharp' sign)


More Knapping Art and the Artists at work.   The little girl in this photo was but one of over 100 that stopped by.  We gave away almost 100 points - to the delight of kids and parent alike!


Dana Anderson teaching hisFiancè Faeea Toa the finer points of knapping!


'Noobie'  Faaea Tao's first points!

Master Knapper (and bagpipe player) Mick Hill

Knapper Rick Russell


Knapper and PSK Webmaster Jim Keffer (trying to figure out why this pressure flaker has such a long handle )

Mick Hill instructing new member/knapper Nathan Nailey on how to punish bad rocks!

Scott Williams (left) WSDOT Archaeologist and knapper

Display Case of Point by PSK Knappers

Donated to Cabelas

(photos courtesy of Cabela's store photographer)


Top:  Webb Hammond - Mahogany  Obsidian 9" Blade

Left to right: Jim Smith - Rainbow Obsidian, Rich Russel - Midnight Lace Obsidina, Dave Rauschenberg - Novaculite, Jim Miller -Carnilian Agate, Donn Paris - Mahogany Obsidian, Unknown, Jim Keffer - Goldsheen Obsidian

Bottom:  Bird Points by Dana Anderson

Another view


Individual Points from Display Case with Knapper's Marks


Webb Hammond


Jim Smith

'R' Squared - Rich Russell


Donn Paris


Dana Anderson


Dana Anderson


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