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Bitterroot Valley Knap-in 2012


The 2nd Annual Bitterroot Valley Knap-in, hosted by Richard and Joan Urata, was a resounding success!  This event is held at Larry Creek Group Campground, located at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains about 26 miles south of Missoula, Montana.  Great weather and beautify scenery make it an ideal place for a knap-in.

PSK members from WA, ID, OR, MT Alberta and Saskatchewan enjoyed it all.  Plenty of great knapping, day hikes for some of the ladies, wire wrapping classes for the others.  There was plenty to see and do.

Several potluck meals provided plenty of opportunity for socializing, meeting the new knappers and re-acquainting with old friends. Evening entertainment included a Didgeridoo concert by Richard Urata, Bill McClure, Ray Alt and Bill Camche - all using homemade instruments!

Friendly competitions of 2" Goat and 10-Speed test the knappers skill (and luck).  Joe Greenwell won both of the 2" Goat competitions (so much for luck) and Henry Payne won the 10-Speed. 

An auction of donated items raised more than enough to cover the cost of the campground and miscellaneous expenses and was highlight by the auction of a Stan Norgaard agate point and a community point signed by all the knappers.

Special thanks to Joan Urata, Larry Goldhammer, Jim Keffer,  Bettye Hensel, and Joe Greenwell for contributing the great photos!

Attendees (those signing in)

Richard and Joan Urata

Bill and Judy Thomas

Bettye Hensel and Joe Greenwell

Eric and Sheri Barnett

Nathaniel Browning

Kyle Koloini

Ray and Harriet Alt

Jim and Beverly Keffer

Barry Rogers

Tom Mc Cormick

Dick and Laura Kocan

Mick and Holly Hill

Jim and Karen Rayner

Rick Brickner

Eric and John Pearson

Rich and Judy Pettersen

Joesph and Francoise Bryan

Bob Gray

Larry Goldammer

Henry and Rosalie Payne

Bill and Grace Camche

Bill McConnell

Bill and Billie McClure

Bill Hemmings

Bob and Jan Morgan

Mel Beattie

Don Safford

Dick and Naomi Flink

Stan Noorgard



Larry Creek Group Campground - PSK Bitterroot Valley Knap-in


End of Day 1 - filling up fast!

Over flow camping


Knapinng and Knappers

As always - free knappable rock


The knapping area -shady and cool!

Stan Noorgard



Bill McClure


Mick Hill


Eric Barnett


Henry Payne - winner 10-Speed Contest


Larry Goldhammer


Joe Greenwell, Joseph & Francoise Bryan

The Ladies


Left to right - Rosalie Payne, Beverly Keffer, Billie McClure and  Laura Kocan (not shown photographer Bettye Hensel)

On the Trail

Wire Wrapping Class


Bettye Hensel and life partner Joe Greenwell

Judy and 'Knapper Bill' Thomas



The Auction

What a piece of Art - who'll gimme $100!




Auctioneer Jim 'Reefer' Keffer delivers the goods!

Potluck Meals






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