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2020 Winter Break/Cabin Fever Knap-in Report

February 1, 2020

Hosts Dave Pehling and Steve Allred

Despite terrible weather - strong winds, cold and continuous rain, the was a good turnout at the Winter Break/Cabin Fever Knap-on. A great chance to renew old acquaintences and also meet so of our newest members!

In addition to lots of catching up on the latest news there was an opportunity for some friendly competition - a game of skill and knapping prowess - the 2" Goat. It can down to two knappers, Rich Russell and Jim Keffer AND a very big chunck of obsidian. Calling for a measurement on Rich's last hit, the judge determined that the flake was only 1-7/8", and declared Jim the winner. Probably a good thing - the way it was going the rock would have lasted quite a while longer!

Many thanks to our newest co-host, Steve Allred, for the use of his great shop!

The 2" Goat

Dave Tiller, Host Dave Pehling, Rich Russell and Jim Keffer (Phil Kirschner background)

Joe, Blain and Scott

Final Measurement by Jim Smith, the winner, Jim Keffer looks on hopefully!

Intricate Native American Headdress made with Porcupine Hair and Dyed Whitetail Deer Hair by Tim Appenhans

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