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Cedar Tree Montessor Demo Report

Bellingham, WA January 23, 2020

Demonstrator - James Keffer

For the third time in eight years the PSK provided a taste of history to the first, second and third grade students at Cedar Tree Montessori School in Bellingham, WA.

James Keffer provided not only a demostration of the ancient art of flintknapping but also brought along some show-and-tell items for the students to see - atlatl, darts, stone-tipped arrows and several collects of point and blades by member of the Puget Sound Knappers.

This event is alway a treat for those of us who get a chance to participate. The students and staff of Cedar Tree Montessori are motivated, enthusiastic and very appreciative!

This was such a great visit. Thank you for making the time to talk to us and for driving up here. The kids were just mesmerized! With great gratitude, Kim

Kim Feerer, Teacher/Director
Cedar Tree Montessori School

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