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2019 Puget Sound Knappers Knap-in and Event Schedule

(Non-PSK Sponsored Events*)

2019 Granite Falls Winter Break Knap-in February 2nd
(first Saturday in February)

2019 Glass Buttes Knap-in Saturday, March 23rd-  Sunday March 31st

2019 Yakima Canyon (Spring) Knap-in, May 24th - 27th Memorial Day Weekend!

2019 Bitterroot Valley Knap-in, June 19th – 25th

2019 Wildhorse Knap-in July 11th – 14th

2019 Canadian Whoop-up Knap-in August 30th - September 2nd

PSK Sponsored events are hosted by PSK members and must meet certain criteria - see PSK Knap-in Best Practices Guide

** Non-PSK sponsored events

2018 Davis Creek Knap-in Announcment June 17th thru 23rd

* Non-PSK sponsored events are those where the PSK is not the primary host.   However for the PSK to participate many of the criteria for a PSK event still apply - especially those concerning safety.  See  PSK Knap-in Best Practices Guide for more information.

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