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2018 Wildhorse Knap-In Report, Alberta, Canada
July 12th – 16th
Host - By Russell Thornberry
Write-up By Russell Thornberry

The 2018 Wildhorse Knap-In was the best one yet in central Alberta. The new name is a result of finding a happy home for this knap-in at last on the Wildhorse Mountain Ranch near Rocky Mountain House. Owners Bear and Dianne Baker welcomed our event to the fort built on their ranch, which couldn't have been more perfect for us!

Most of our of regular knappers were on hand, as well as a several Alberta "super knappers" such as Adrian Breeuwsma, who spent three summers as a youngster under the tutelage of Emery Coons, archeologist and Abo Knapper deluxe Jason Roe and Rick Rowell who amazed us with his pristine "hands-only" fluting technique. In that distinct group I must also acknowledge Donn Paris from Washington who provided almost all the rock for the knap-in, great campfire guitar and singing nightly around the campfire, and whose limitless patience and skills as an instructor helped launch several newbies into our ranks.

Knappers were surrounded by other primitive skills events such as Rob Nawrot's Self-Bow Making Classes, Old School Charcoal Blacksmithing demonstrated by Henrietta Verway, Ropes and Knots and Bow-Drill Fire making taught by Bob Silverthorne, Rope making and Animal Hide preparation taught by Todd Brown, Artifact Identification by Jason Roe, Tomahawk Throwing, Horseback Archery, plus a special Gun Powder Art exhibition by Alberta artist extraordinaire, Shaelyn Poteet. Our knappers were intrigued by the added primitive skills being taught and enjoyed expanding their knowledge of living history along with the visitors from the general public who attended.

We are already planning for the 2019 Wildhorse Knap-in and will post dates very soon. We are hoping to see more of our fellow Puget Sound Knappers next year!

The Bakers

Todd Brown captivated his audience with his demonstration of the first steps of hide preparation for the brain tanning process.

Expert knapper, Adrian Breeuwsma, working his magic on a piece of Glass Butte obsidian.

There were some e exceptional auction items available at this year’s knap-in.

Shaelyn Poteet amazed the crowd with her unique gunpowder art!

Shaelyn Poteet amazed the crowd with her unique gunpowder art!

Shaelyn Poteet amazed the crowd with her unique gunpowder art!

Bob Silverthorne’s ropes and knots class was a hit with all ages.

Larissa Manser donated this beautiful glass etching of the Knap-In Logo to the auction!

The lights came on for new knapper Phoenix Carpenter – thanks to his time spent with veteran Washington knapper Donn Paris.

Youngsters were especially excited to participate in Todd brown’s rope making class!

Nights around the campfire were special, shooting the bull with friends and singing along with Donn Paris and Judy Godwin!

The self-bow building class attracted a lot of attention!

Bow-drill fire making attracted both the young and the old and a few in between.

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