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2018 Visit by the West Seattle Rock Club President and his Children
Frida, April 13th
Host - Jim Keffer

Jim Keffer, with help from Joe Higgins, hosted Scott Ryan, President, West Seattle Rock Club and his Kids for an afternoon of flintknapping during Spring Break 2018.

While Joe gave Scott lessons in both Percussions and Pressure Flaking Flintknapping, Jim concentrated on the kids. A more ethusiastic trio of beginning flintknappers would be hard to find! Not only did we provide lessons but sent Scott and his kids home with some basice flintknapped tools and some practice material as well. Evidently from the write-up and photos below, they made great use of them!

Write-Up & Photos by Scott Ryan, President, West Seattle Rock CLub

Scott Ryan's Kids, Rock Hounds and Beginning Knappers!

Jim Keffer demonstrating Percussion Knapping

Modern or Abo - 2" Copper Bopper or Moose Billet!

Youngest son, Dante, made a display for the West Seattle Rock Club's Annual Show using the flake he made with you and the many pieces you generously gave us. Of 23 displays, he got second place in the People's Choice awards. He was over the moon!

He can be seen in one of the attached pictures standing in front of his display case holding the prize he got to choose, which is a bullet casing with rainbow obsidian as the bullet.

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