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2018 Pompey's Pillar National Monument Fall Festival Knap-In Report
September 29th
Host - George Bryce

On September 29th Pompey's Pillar National Monument held their first annual Fall Festival. Pompey's Pillar is the only existing visible sign of William Clark's passing on his way down the Yellowstone River to rendezvous with Lewis on their return home. Several people were participated with displays dealing not only with the Lewis and Clark Expedition but, things that dealt with the history of the area. There were Native American dancers in addition to medicines, weapons, equipment and animals used by the expedition. One display by the PSK Eastern affiliation dealt with some of the lithic that predate the expedition. The BLM Monument Manager was very interested in the history prior to the "iron age". Attendance was slow due to the weather. Sun never came out and temp never above 43*. Never the less, met new people and never tire of the young people who are interested.

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