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2018 National Hunting and Fishing Day Celebration and PSK Knap-in Announcement
September 22nd (4th Saturday in September)
Hosts - Steven Dazey (WDWF) and Jim Keffer (PSK)

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is hosting a National Hunting and Fishing Day celebration on September 22ndnear Spokane, WA.   Steve Dazey, on behalf of the WDFW, has cordially invited the Puget Sound Knappers to attend!

Their goal is to have around 500 youth attend and not only introduce youth and newcomers to target shooting, hunting and fishing, but other primitive and traditional skills such as flintknapping and blacksmithing. And since the purpose of the Puget Sound Knapper is to promote the ancient art of flintknapping this will be a ideal opportunity to do so. Besides, we also have quite a few people who can also demonstrate blacksmithing/bladesmithing and other primitive/traditional skills.

In a word - a great place for demonstrating flintknapping!

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