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2017 Yakima Canyon Knap-in Report
May 19th - 21st
Host - Jim 'JKnapper' Miller

The 2nd Anual Yakima Canyon Spring Knap-in at Big Pines Campground was even better that the first. The weather was, for the most part, GREAT! The turnout far exceeded expectations - to the extent that the entree for the potluck dinner needed just a few more spaghetti noodles.

A Charity Bike Ride through the Canyon on Saturday brought a lot of visitors into the Big Pines Campground. While most just stopped for water or refreshments, many came over to the knapping area to watch some great knapping. More than a few tried their hand at the ancient art and several walked away with a point! And any youngster that came by and showed any kind of interest received a piece of knapped art.

About 20 PSK members played two rounds of 2" Goat with Jim Miller winning the first round (his very first 2" Goat win!) and Jim Smith winning the 2nd round (Smith has won so many we've lost count!).

The potluck, featuring an entree of homemade spaghetti by host Jim Miller, was outstanding! There were salads, breads, veggies, chili, and desserts of all kinds - including ice cream with fresh raspberries!

As per tradition, following the Potluck was the Auction. An incredible array of donated auction made this auction a rousing success! The proceeds, which were considerable, went to pay expenses and to help fund the PSK website. Auctions, Competitions like the 2" Goat, Raffles of Community Points and direct donations help keep all PSK events FREE!

Photos Courtesy of Frank Omstead

Big Pines Campground

Yakima Canyon

Yakima Canyon

PSK Knappers and Friends

Host Jim Miller

Host Jim Miller

Jim Smith 1603

Henry Payne

Bill McClure

Community Point Rock

The First Flake

Finished Community Point

Dave Rauschenberg Art 1

Dave Rauschenberg Art 2

Dave Rauschenberg Art 3

Dave Rauschenberg Art 4

Dave Rauschenberg (w/hat) and Art Lovers

Woody Woodside Art 1

Woody Woodside Art 2

Woody Woodside Art 3

Photos Courtesy of Joan Urata

Big Pines Campground

Yakima Canyon

Yakima Canyon

Yakima Canyon

PSK Knappers and Friends

PSK Knappers and Friends

Rich Urata & Joe Higgins Jr.

Stu Murdock and Joe Higgins

Yukon Dick Kocan, Jim Keffer and Ken Graham

Keith Bacus and Jim Miller

Some of our Gals!

Some more of our Gals!

Stu Fry Bread Chef!

Janet - Sous-Chef!

Fry Bread - Delicious!

More Fry Bread

2" Goat

Jim Miller

Henry Payne

Dave Rauschenberg

Jim Keffer

Ken Graham

Stu Murdock

Mick Hill

Joseph Wernex

Joe Higgins, Marvin Barger, Frank Omstead

Jim Miller, Max Grow looking on

Max Grow


More Knapping

Joe Higgins Jr watching the Old Man

Riverside Knapping

Auction Item - Quilt

Dave Rauschenberg Drawing 'Guardians'

Dave's Arrowhead Clock

Tomahawk and Knife

Soapstone Pipe

Soapstone Pipe

Auctioneer Jim Keffer w/scribe Holly Hill

Auction Audience

Auction Audience

Auction Proceeds

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