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2017 Yakima Canyon (Spring) Knap-in Announcement
May 19th, 20th and 21st
Host - Jim 'JKnapper' Miller

Reservations for campsites should be made starting on November 21.

Jim Miller will be hosting the Second Annual Spring Knap-in at the Big Pines Campground in Yakima Canyon, Friday May 19th thru Sunday May 21st.

Big Pines is located in the scenic Yakima River Canyon, which cuts through massive basalt cliffs and rolling desert hills, 19 miles south of Ellensburg, Washington. This canyon has been designated as a state scenic route and offers excellent wildlife viewing, fishing in a Blue Ribbon trout stream, river rafting and camping.

At 20 acres, Big Pines is BLMís largest recreation site in the Yakima River Canyon. The northern edge of the recreation site is adjacent to undeveloped hiking trails on lands managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is recommended that you reserve campsites as early as possible using the BLM website. There are also three other close-by campgrounds in the event all sites at the Big Pines campground are taken.
    1. Umtanum (6.9 miles from Big Pines) - Six campsites
    2. Lmuma Creek (2.8 Miles) - Seven campsites
    3. Roza (2.4 miles) - Six campsites

Note: Each site can accommodate 10 people and may be shared with one other vehicle and/or tent. If you canít get a reservations and would like to share a spot contact Jim Keffer (jckeffer@comcast.net 425-503-4413) or Jim Miller (goldpoint@comcast.net 206-930-9107) and we'll see if we can work something out.

The campgrounds in Yakima Canyon are all along Hwy 821 (Yakima Canyon Road). Access is either via:
    1. I90 exit 109, go south on Canyon Rd/Hwy 821 (18.6 miles)
    2. I82 exit 3, go west on Hwy 821/Thrall Rd (15.6 miles)
    3. I82 exit 26, go west on Hwy 821 (9.7 miles)



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