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2017 Thurston County Gold, Gem & Treasure Show
April 1st and 2nd
Host - Bedrock Prospectors Club, Point of Contact - Dennis Petersen


The Puget Sound Knappers Association has been invited tp particpate in the 2017 Thurston County Gold, Gem & Treasure Show, April 1st and 2nd at the Thurston County Fairgrounds Expo Center 3054 Carpenter Rd. Lacey, WA. Attending PSK members will be demostrating and teaching the ancient art of flintknapping.

Proceeds For:
Toys for Tots
Resources Coalition

Gold panning lessons, Gem and Jewelry making demonstrations, Coin Scramble and Sandbox for kids with polished stones and agates, Learn to Metal Detect, Equipment demonstrations, Food and Equipment sales!

The Puget Sound Knappers participating in this event will get FREE ADMISSION and there will be no cost for our space.


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