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2017 Spring Street International School Demo Report
October 17th
Hosts - Noah and the Spring Street International School Staff

On October 17th, PSK Members Noah, Jim Keffer, Barry Bonnell and Jim Smith provided the high school students of Spring Street International School on San Juan Island, Washington with a discussion and demonstration of the Ancient Art of Flintknapping.

For the two Jims, Barry and Noah, it was a chance to give back to the community and educate the students of the history and challenges of making stone tools.

The Spring Street International School is located on beautiful San Juan Island, is the second-largest and most populous of the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington. It is about 114 miles north of where Jim Keffer and Barry Bonnell live (a little les for Jim Smith who carpooled with Jim K and Barry) and includes a 1 hour and 45 minutes ferry ride through the San Juan Islands (a beautiful trip to say the least).

A short discussion of the history of Flintknapping and a little about the process itself was followed by an hour and a half of hands-on learning by the students. This had to have been one of the most focused groups of students these PSK members have even experienced - several of the students managed to make some pretty fine bifaces during the hands-instruction! They signed their work with a diamond scribe for posterity!

All‐in‐all, it was a busy but rewarding day for both the PSK members who participated and the students.

Special recognition goes to Noah who was responsible for making this day happen!

PSK members at the Spring Street Intl School

Barry Bonnell showing the way!

Jim and Barry

Jim Keffer making a "point"

These young ladies were picking it up FAST!

Showing a lot of potential!

Barry pointing out the next ridge

Jim Smith demonstrating the right approach

Spring Street Intl School Student - 1

Spring Street Intl School Student - 2

Spring Street Intl School Student - 3

Spring Street Intl School Student - 4 (and Noah)

Spring Street Intl School Student - 5

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