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2017 Sammamish Knap-in Report
August 17th – 20th
Hosts - Jim and Beverly Keffer
Photos Courtesy of Joan & Richard Urata, Henry Payne, Jim Keffer


This year’s Sammamish Knap-in was the best so far and featured a number of activities in addition to flintknapping! In addition to the core group of regulars there were also a lot of new attendees, including quite a few neighbors and youngsters from the Wolf Camp and Conservation College! These youngsters received free knapping lesson from a variety of PSK members.

In addition to the flintknapper, there were workshops in stone pipe making led by Richard Urata and Native American Drums led by Jim and Beverly Keffer.

The “Icing” on the cake, so to speak, was an Ice Sculpture of the PSK logo created and donated by World Renown Ice Sculptor Kevin Roscoe! (see Cascade Crystal Ice). This sculpture, roughly 24”x36”, was truly a work of art!


Ice Sculpture generously donated by Kevin Roscoe - National, International and World Champion Ice Sculptor!


PSK On Ice!

PSK Logo Ice Sculpture by Kevin Roscoe

Ice Sculpture with Host Jim Keffer

Some of the Gang!

Cool Joan - Photographer Extraordinaire!


Knapping at the Sammamish Knap-in

Richard Urata - Knapping Instructor!

More Richard

Students From Wolf Camp

Don Safford _ Knapping Instructor

Barry Bonnell - Knapping Instructor

More students from Wolf Camp

Janet Rothnie - Knapping Instructor

More Janet Rothnie - Knapping Instructor

Henry Payne - Knapping Instructor

More students from Wolf Camp

More students from Wolf Camp

Pipe-making Workshop

Richard's Pipes

Betty & Joe - Pipe Making

Betty & Joe - Pipe Making 2

Don and Carol - Pipe Making

Barry Bonnell - Pipe Making

Janet Rothnie - Pipe Making

Max Grow - Pipe Making2

Mick Hill - Pipe Making

Drum-making Workshop

Drum Making Workshop

Rich Russell - Drum Making

Rich's finished drum

Janet's finished drum


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