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2017 Sacajawea Heritage Days Knap-in Report
September 29th and 30th
Hosts - Frank and Mary Lou Olmstead, Marvin Barger, Rick Tobin and Steve Sontag
Photos Courtesy of Diane

The Sacajawea Heritage Days Knap-in is held in conjunction with the Heritage Days Celebration at Sacajawea State Park in Pasco, WA, September 29th and 30th. The Park is situated at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers where Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery once camped and celebrates their historic journey.

As part of that celebration, 5th and 6th graders from the three school discticts of the Tri-Cities (Richland, Kennewick and Pasco) are brought to the park on Friday the 29th to witness a variety of historical re-enactments. These include Native America Dancers and Singers, Corps of Discovery, Mountain Men, Flintknappers and Pioneers.

Although just one of many of the groups represented, the Puget Sound Knappers are certainly one of the biggest draws, demonstrating the ancient art of flintknapping. With tables of display items and several PSK members demonstrating flintknapping, the school kids were able to see and touch what Lewis and Clark did.

PSK members demonstrated to several hundred students on Friday alone and probably and equal amount the next day when the Park was open to the public. Many of the students returned to get some "hands-on" experience, many accompanied by parent and friends.

All‐in‐all, it was a busy but rewarding weekend for all of the PSK members who participated. Special kudos for our hosts - Rick Tobin, Steve Sontag, Frank and Mary Lou Omstead and Marvin Barger!

Part of the Sacajawea Gang! (left to right) Jim and Beverly Keffer, Rick Tobin (Rick's wife photogapher), Frank and Mary Lou Omstead, Steve Sontag, Walter, Holly and Mick Hill and Diane and Marvin Barger

Steve Sontag doing his thing!

Busy Steve

Plenty of interested schoolkids!

Rick Tobin and Holly Hill educating the Schoolkids

Teacher Holly!

Busy Rick!

Jim Keffer doing a little demoing

Rick Tobin - never a dull moment!

Jim Keffer one‐on‐one

Beverly Keffer doing her part to enlighten the Schoolkids!

Steady stream of interested kids!

Mick Hill - Demostrater Par Excellence!

Kids fascinated with the displays

Holly and Beverly helping kids understand the past

Mick Hill and Marvin Barger discussing knapping

Taking a break after all the public has gone!

Mick and Holly making their way to diner

Potluck 1 (Jim K photographer)

Potluck 2 (Bonny Photographer)

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