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2017 Puget Sound Knappers at Rabbitstick Primitive Skills Gathering
September 10th - 17th
Host - Dave Westcott/Rabbitstick LLC
Photos Courtesy of Jim Keffer

PSK - Burned In!

PSK Logo generously donated by Vicki - Wood Burning Artist Extraordinaire!!!

Members of the Puget Sound Knappers have been participating at Rabbitstick (and Wintercount) as instructors and/or students for a very long time, some as long as 24 years. And while flintknapping has been our forte, PSK members also teach other prmitive skills.

The newest PSK member to join Rabbitstick as an instructor, Blain Kuykendall, along with instructor Jim Keffer and students Dave and Eli Walton, conducted a cabin building class at this year's gathering.

Using the "Butt and Pass" building technique developed by the late Skip Elsworth and taught to Master Builder Blain Kuykendall, Blain led a team of fellow builders and students in the building of a 10' x 10' (interior measurement) log cabin which was then converted to a sauna!

In just four day the team of builders laid 14 courses of logs on top of 8' x 12' skids, framed and shingled a the roof, built/installed the floor and 16 feet of benches, and installed a wood-burning stove and chimney.

Blain and his team also added a functioning flagpole including 3'x5' American flag. Some of the other finishing touches included a 3'x3' window with a great view of the Henry's Fork River, an elk antler door handle, elk antler lantern holder and a forged lantern holder by Braun Westcott.

The icing on this cake came from Vicki, an incredible artist who created a replica of the PSK logo patch (2"x3") by burning the logo into a 20" x 30" piece of plywood. Even more remarkable was the fact that she did it in about one hour! The build team was blown away!

All-in-all, the cabin building class was an unprecedented success. More than two dozen students participated and took advantage of the great instruction by Blain and the build team. The success was also evident in the number of people who took the opportunity to try out the sauna. Immediately after the wood stove was fired up at the end of the 4th day, the sauna was filled to capacity - in fact it was standing room only every evening!

Cabin/Sauna Building Class by Blain Kuykendall

Hammering in a rebar pin

As the wall go up the chink nails go in

More pin hammering

Everyone busy

Willow, one of students, adding chinking nails

Cutting the Rafters

Blain setting the first roof rafter

Nailing on the shingles

Nailing on the shingles - almost fihished with the roof!

Finally caught Dave working!

Pointing out the student's great chinking work

Chink nailing, cont.

Getting close, storm brewing

Leading by Example!

Young Samuel - a BIG Help!

Finishing Touches - in the Rain!

Gang of Four

Final Product - Front view

Final Product - Riverside View

Morning after completion - interior view

Finished cabin and the primary build crew - (left to right) Dave Walton, Jim Keffer, Blain Kuykendall and Eli Walton

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