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2017 Pacific Crest Montessori Flintknapping Workshop Report
November 17th
Hosts - Jim Keffer

Another first for the Sammamish Weekly Knap-in hosted by Jim Keffer and a half dozen PSK member knappers! Four students from the Pacific Crest Montessori School of Seattle attended a day-long flintknapping workshop. These second and third grade students were very motivated and displayed an intensity to learn that was inspiring!

Starting out with a demonstration and instruction discussion on the basics of percussion, the students quickly move on to some serious hands-on learning. Displaying a keen determination, each of the students was able to complete a nice bi-face by the end of the workshop!

In addition to taking home an obsidian bi-face of their own making (each signed by the maker with a diamond scribe), each one was presented with a PVC Bow made by Barry Bonnell and Jim Keffer!

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