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2017 Millersylvania Knap-in Report
November 4th and 5th
Hosts - Mick and Holly Hill

Mick and Holly Hill Joe Greenwell and Bettye Hensel
Dana and Faaea Anderson Jim and Beverly Keffer
Woody and Kathy Woodside Jim Miller
Nick and Angie Tomihama and family Susan Griffith
Spencer Seymour Scott Cannady
Dave Goodwin Karl Didelius
Donn Paris Stan Palms
Steve Rovito and Cinde Ryan Paul Larsen
Michael Kildow Mike and Roberta Mobbs
Richard Schneider Jim Smith
Joe Pollock Linda Morimoto
Henry Payne Deborah Moore

Dave Rauschenberg - The Thinker!

Rich Russell, Donn Paris, Scott Cannady

Ken Graham, Mick Hill

Knappers 1

Knappers 2

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

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