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2017 Mid-Columbia Knap-in Report
April 29th - May 3rd
Hosts - WA State Parks Dept and Brad & Sue Baughman, Shawn Kelly
Work in Progress
Photos by Donn Paris and Henry Payne

The 2017 Mid-Columbia Knap-in was held at the Horsethief Lake Campground in the Columbia Hills State Park just across the Columbia River from The Dalles, Oregon.

This is a beautiful park and an ideal place for a knap-in. It is very scenic and famous for its pictographs and petroglyphs. It is also a very popular park not only with fisherman but local Native American and the public in general.

During the Knap-in members of the PSK demonstrated flintknapping to quite a few park visitors. We also had the opportunity to help a number of the park visitors try their hand a flintknapping, several of whom caught the flintknapping fever!

Picture Gallery with Thumbnails - work in progress

Picture Gallery with Thumbnails - Part II - The Park

View of Horsethief Lake campground from the north
Photo by Tyson Gillard (Outdoor Project.com)

View of Columbia Hills Park from Petroglyph Trail

"She Who Watches" (Petroglyph Trail)

Tom Mosqueda checking our a slab of obsidia with Jim Smith and Joe Wernex looking on.

Tom Mosqueda checking our a slab of obsidia with Jim Smith and Joe Wernex looking on.

Host Brad "Big Bad" Baughman teaching some young men the finer points of flintknapping

Donn Paris explaining his knapping technique to c-host Shawn Kelly

Jim Keffer teaching the basics of percussion knapping to a noobie

Bill McClure

Woody Woodside

Henry Payne and Woody Woodside

(left to right) Jim Keffer, Scott, Stu Murdock, Woody Woodside and Shawn Kelly

Stu, Woody and Jim Smith

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