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2017 Granite Falls Winter Break Knap-in Report
February 4th
Hosts - Dave Pehling and Jim Dennis
(report by Jim Keffer, Photos by )

This year’s Winter Break/Cabin Fever Knap-in saw the greatest attendance ever according to host Dave Pehling! There was a real mix of new PSK members, noobie knappers and oldtimers.

The noobies received free lessons and the rest of us got a chance to catch up with old friends and knap a blade or arrowhead (or two).

As usual the Chili potluck was fantastic! Co-host Jim Dennis makes the best wild game chili this Knapper has ever had. A combination of elk, deer and combo sausage makes for a very tasty meal. Add the trimmings like cornbread, pickled vegetables and cheese cake for dessert and you had a winter feast fit for a king!


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