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2017 Glass Buttes Knap-in Report
March 25th - April 2nd
Host - Rocky Male
Photos courtesy of Jim Smith, Donn Paris, Henry Payne and Ken Graham

The 2017 Glass Buttes Knap-in was definitely one of mixed blessings! Attendance was very good, well above average for the last 4-5 years. There was a healthy mix of oldtimers and noobies. The weather was typical, some snow, some rain, and some nice days. And there was lots of good obsidian – as usual!

There were some definite challenges however. In the weeks prior to the knap-in, Glass Buttes experience significant snow, some rain and warming weather, all of which contributed to some real unstable ground. While the surface appeared to be dry, any weight on it (like a pickup), cause the soil to turn into quicksand! One new knapper, first time at the ‘Buttes, did not realize the danger and got stuck ¼ mile off the beaten path. Making a long story (and day) short, we ended up renting a tracked Bobcat so that Rocky could extricate the pickup from the mud. Unfortunately some damage to the truck was already done and we had to put the pickup on the Bobcat’s trailer, drive it to the Dodge dealer in Bend and then return to get the Bobcat and return it to Burns. The good news was that lots of PSK member jumped into help and things worked out.

All-in-all it was a good reminder of the challenges of the Glass Buttes area and the need for co-operation and preparedness!

Despite these challenges, a good time was had by all. The traditional rock run to the Dacite quarry yielded a good amount of rock which was shared amongst the knap-in hosts for future events.

Main Camp - Typical day for 2017

Some of the Gang

More of the Main Camp

Some of the locals

We start them young in the PSK!

Tuesday's Dacite collecting run. This is an annual event at the March Knap-in and is a collective effort to get enough rock so that each knap-in host can provide it for free at every PSK knap-in. It is also used extensively for many of the demos PSK member volunteer for ‐ schools, museums, rock shows, etc.

If you don't like digging for the larger stuff you can just pick up cobbles to your heart&$39; content.


Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up in the morning

Stuck 1

Stuck 2

Stuck 3

Stuck 4

Ken Graham's search for obisidan!

Look what I found!


Still more

Even undergound!


Steve Allely and Community point

Steve Allely

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

PSK Knappers

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