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2017 Fort Whoop-up Knap-in Report
September 1st 4th
Host - Barry Rogers
Write-up by Barry Rogers
Photos courtesy of Donn Paris

We had 20 Knappers attend with 4 families and 2 Americans. This was the most successful knap in with The Black Powder Club. Weather was warm and winds acceptable.

The Black Powder Club provided a corn roast and roast beef meal so we donated $200 from the auction proceeds.

One family had tents and on Sat.evening the wind came up ( not excessive by Lethbridga standards) battering the tents and they moved into Leger#&39;s teepee which was not bothered at all by the wind. The kids were excited and mother was pleased, we may have another teepee next year.

Rick Rowell built a Clovis point and everyone took a flak off it. He managed to take a 3 flak free hand.

Two 2 inch goats were held and George Bryce won both.

Donn Paris and Jim Peake provided songs for us as we sat around a propane fire (fire ban).

Barry Rogers was the auctioneer and enjoyed it.

Knapping at the Fort Whoop-up Knap-in

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