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2017 Fort Knapadonia Knap-in Report
August 21st Ė 27th
Host - Dr. Joe Higgins
Photos Courtesy of Joan Urata, Henry Payne, Jim Keffer, Bettye Hensel

Knap-in BLISS!!!

Knapping at the Sammamish Knap-in

Henry Payne and Jim Smith

PSK Knappers

Council Elders Harvey Hughett (foreground) and Joe Greenwell

Council Elders Mick Hill (foreground) and Dave Pehling

Ladies Basket Making Class at the Knap-in
Artist Instructor - Mary Alice Sterling

Mary Alice sterling - Basket Making Instructor Extraordinaire!

Rosalie Payne - Basket Maker

Rosalie Payne - Finished Basket

Bettye Hensel (left -Basket Maker) and her Sister (visiting)

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