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2017 Clearwater Knap-in Report
July 6th Ė 10th
Host -Russell Thornberry
Photos Courtesy of Russell Thornberry and Donn Paris

We were blessed with great sunny weather at the July 6-10 Clearwater Knap-in in west central Alberta. Due to it being Canadaís 150th Birthday the events and festivities at the Rocky Mountain House Historic Site, where we have held our knap-in for the last two years, were so crowded that we changed locations this year. I am assuming we will be back at the Historic Site in 2018.

Our turnout at the Clearwater knap-in was lighter than last year largely due to interfering family gatherings for several of our mainstay knappers. Hopefully they will have their priorities straightened out by next year (Snicker.)

A highlight this year was the presence of Gabe Rowley and Cameron Kizito, two young knappers who joined us for the entire event. They are obviously smitten by the knapping bug and were turning out some pretty proud points before it was over. I am quite sure they will be regular faces going forward. It is gratifying to have young blood in the mix as most of us dedicated rock knockers are in our golden years!

As always it was great to sit around and socialize at the end of the days. Donn Paris, a virtual encyclopedia of country music songs, was on hand with his untunable guitar and sang songs into the night. And George Bryce brought along his didgeridoo, which is always a hoot Ė or a moan -- or a . . . Iím not really sure. But it is dang sure entertaining! George and his wife even played a duet, George on digeridoo and Cheryle on flute.

We got some excellent coverage of our knap-in in the Rocky Mountain House Mountaineer (newspaper) thanks to staff writer Shaelyn Poteet. (See attached photo.)

Iíll keep everyone posted on dates and location for 2018. In the meantime, donít forget the Lethbridge knap-in coming up in early September!

Clearwater Makes the Local Paper!

The Clearwater

Cameron Kizito

Evening at the CLearwater

Knappers and Friends 1

Knappers and Friends 2

Knappers and Friends 3

Mining Alberta Lithics - Due to the scarcity of knappable stone in Alberta, local knappers have started to "Mine" Television Glass. This recycling of material has become quite popular with some modern knappers!

Mining Alberta Lithics 1

Mining Alberta Lithics 2

Mining Alberta Lithics 3

Alberta Lithics Material

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