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2017 Cedar Tree Montessori Flintknapping Demo Report
March 2nd
Host - Kim Feerer, Director - Cedar Tree Montessori School
Presenters - PSK Members James Keffer, Jim Smith and Bob Bower

Members of the Puget Sound Knappers were again invited to Cedar Tree Montessori School to demonstrate and discuss flintknapping to twenty-six students.

The opportunity to participate in exposing these yount students (ages 6 - 9) to the ancient art of flintknapping is alwasy a treat for the PSK. The students are incredibly attentive, ask great questions and really enjoy the chance to touch and feel the stone tools we make! In addition to demonstrating the making of several stone tools (arrowheads and blades), the students were abe to see and touch authentic-looking replicas of Native American Quivers, Arrows, Stone Knives and Atlatls - not to mention arrowheads!

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