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4thAnnual Whoop Up/Black Powder Rendezvous & Knap-In
September 1st - 4th
Host Barry Rogers

The Fort Whoop Up Knap-In will be held September 1st - 4th either at The Ft Whoop Up Black Powder Range or the Ft Whoop Up replica Fort, Lethbridge Alberta.

Contact Barry Rogers 403 678 5041, for more information in the Spring.

Location: Ft Whoop Up, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

GPS Coordinates 4937.516, W 11250.813 for the range


From the East and West - On the Crowsnest Trail Highway (#3)
Entering Lethbridge from the Crowsnest Trail Highway (#3), turn South onto Mayor Magrath Dr.
go South (8 Km, or 5 Miles) and turn right on TSR 82E
Follow the signs to the site

From the South - coming in on Highway #4 (from Coutts US/Canada Border Crossing)
Head West (NW) on AB-4 N
Turn right onto AB-4 (signs for 43 Street N/AB-3)
Turn left onto S Parkside Dr W
Turn right onto Mayor Magrath Dr S/AB-5 E
Turn left onto 3 Ave S
Continue onto Indian Battle Rd S
Fort Whoop Up Interpretive Centre - 200 Indian Battle Road South, Lethbridge, AB T1J 5B3, Canada

Note – A passport is required to enter Canada and return to the U.S. Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) indicate both citizenship and identity and are valid for entry into Canada by land or sea, though not valid for international air travel. As of January 2009, these licenses are only available in Washington and New York. If you wish to bring a black powder gun check with the Canadian Border Service on how to cross the border with it..

If you have question call Barry Rogers, (403) 678-5041 or

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