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Flintknappers Thanksgiving

hosted by Joe Higgins at Ft. Knapadonia

Joe Higgins hosted the Knapadonia Gang of Regulars (plus three 'noobies') for a GALA Thanksgiving Dinner.  Jim Keffer deep-fried two 13 lb turkeys and Valli Eisdstedt made giblet grave at the Fort while  the rest of the gang brought the 'fixens' - stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, salad, homemade applesauce, homemade bread, pies and cakes, etc!  What a FEAST! 

We gave thanks to a great year of commraderie and flintknapping and hope that everyone has a great 2013!


Joe & Sunny Higgins 

 Bob Bower

 Jim Keffer

Jim Smith 

Vallie Eishstedt 

 Dave Graves

 Jack Locke

 Chip Batcheller

 Janet Tipping

Dave Tiller 

Terry Groves 

Dick Dickensen 


Arron Rosen*

John Johnson* 





Thanksgiving decorations


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