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Winter Break/Cabin Fever 2012 Report

Hosted by Founding Member Dave Pelhing and his nephew Jim, this year’s Winter Break Knap-in  was the largest in recent memory!  Several new members made this their first knap-in.  It would be easy to go on and on and on with superlatives as there were so many things that made this knap-in so wonderful. The best way to sum it up - a unanimous consensus that we'll all attend next year!

Identification Left to Right

Standing - Harley Slade, Joe Greenwell, Bettye Hensel, Rich Russell, Holly Hill, Larry Parr, Jim Miller, Phil Kirschner, ???(my bad!), Ken Graham, Jim Pehling (co-host), Jim Keffer

Kneeling -  Mick Hill, ???, Jim Smith, Valli Eichstedt, Scott Cannady, Joe Higgins, Tom Appenhaus, Dave Pehling (co-host)  

Photographer - Bettye Hensel

 Valli Eichsted, Holly Hill , Bettye Hensel

Tom Appenhans & Larry Parr

Ken Graham, Nobbie (name?), Jim Smith

Joe Greenwell

Phil Kirschner

???, Jim Dennis, Dave Pehling, 

Jim Miller & ???

Scott Cannady & Jim Keffer

Tom Appenhans & Larry Parr

Rich Russell & Mick Hill

Rich Russell & Joe Higgins



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