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2012 Fort Knapadonia Report


Dr. Joe Higgins did it again!  The 2012 Ft Knapadonia knap-in was knapping Heaven for a whole week.  Joe managed to schedule the knap-in during the single week this summer where the weather was great the entire time - no small task here in eastern Washington!

Marked by a steady stream of knappers arriving all week, this year's Ft Knapadonia Knap-in featured several formal instruction sessions, multiple potluck dinners and a special guest - Harry Oda.  It was also significant for the number of noobies that attended; youngsters, ladies and OWGs (old white guys). 

There was also the usual crowd of regulars including three of the founding members of the PSK - Joe Higgins, Dave Pehling and Gerry Swiney.  There were knappers from Canada, Florida, Montana, Oregon and Missouri, not to mention Washington.

In order to reduce the burden of individual family’s/knappers preparing dinners, every night there were three potluck dinners with each having one main entrée.

Thursday it was fried chicken, Friday - spaghetti and Saturday was the Host's

Seafood Bonanza featuring grilled Salmon, Grilled Tuna and boiled Dungeness crab.  All were caught in local waters by Joe or his neighbor!

Besides knapping there were many other activities to take part in, tomahawk throwing with the hawks made on-site by Blain Kuykendall, bow building, archery on the 20 target 4 acre course, walks along the beach and even some forge work.  Never a dull moment!

Since all PSK knap-ins are free, we held a 2" Goat competition as well as an auction of donated items to help raise money to cover the cost of the Porta-Potties and other expenses.  The proceeds from auction, direct donations and the "Goat" were enough to cover the cost and insure next year's knap-in.

Once again we had our cake and ate it too! 

Host Joe Higgins

The Main Fort

Jim Keffer instructing some "noobies"

Harry Oda and Henry Payne


Dave Pehling and Jim Smith



Joan Urata and Karen Rayner

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