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Special Tribute to Mick Hill - Knapping Instructor Extraordinaire!

We all know that  Mick Hill is an outstanding knapper, a terrific bagpipe musician, obsidian expert, premier Coyote in the PSK Clan of the Ooga Boga Tribe and all around great guy.  But a most remarkable trait has recently surface - the ability to teach flintknapping to the blind!  He's always been one to help out newbies whenever and wherever they show up, but on March 18th 2012 at the Cabelas  Spring Great Outdoors Event, Mick went above and beyond the call of duty by teaching Marty Cartwright, a sightless person, how to flintknap!  Just a few weeks later at a 'Pagan' gathering, Mick repeated this feat when Marty and her friend, another sightless person, arrived and wanted knapping lessons!

In Recognition of Mick's contribution to the sightless members of the PSK he was awarded the BPKIS/C (Blind Persons Knapping Ishi Stick/Cane) at the 2012 Glass Buttes Knap-in!



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