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November 2015

SPALLS Distribution

Distribution of SPALLS is available to anyone with a viable Email or Snail Mail (USPS) address.  Many of the PSK knappers with only snail-mail address are not receiving SPALLS.  For those of you that are receiving SPALLS via e-mail, please notify these snail-mail knappers to send a letter with their mailing address to:


 James Keffer
 23811 NE 14th
Sammamish, WA


THE POLICY IS: If you send your e-mail address to Jim Keffer at jckeffer@comcast.net, there is no charge for SPALLS.   If you do not have an e-mail address and want SPALLS by snail-mail, you must send a mailing address – and pay to cover the cost of printing and postage.   Due to the increase in postage cost ($.92/Spalls) and the cost of printing ($2.00/SPALLS), I can no longer send them out for free.  Twenty-seven mailings cost $243/year.

If you, or someone you know, has an e-mail address and did not receive SPALLS in February or July, e-mail the address to Jim Keffer.  I have several unverified email addresses at this time.  If you have received a verification email from me please reply - I need the updates!


Several of our subscribers have not been getting the SPALLS issue via e-mail.  Please check your SPAM protection.  I think that some of your SPAM protection is eliminating the SPALLS message.  One of the checks for SPAM is the number of multiple issues from the sender.  If your protection checks this, the SPALLS message will be tagged as SPAM.  In some cases, the message is only tagged. In others, the message is deleted.  Subscribers to ‘hotmail’, some of the hotmail accounts bounce SPALLS because of server space.  Be sure to empty your server often.

I also make it a policy never to give out member contact information unless specifically authorized.  That includes email and resident/mailing addresses and phone numbers.  Every email I send out to more than one or two addressees is sent out using the blind copy feature (bcc) which hides email address. 


SUMMARY – Important Please READ

For those of you who do not have access to the internet at home and receive SPALLS via snailmail, I strongly encourage you to visit your local library and visit our website ‘http://pugetsoundknappers.com’.   I can’t possibly put everything in a newsletter, particularly all the great photos I’m provided from our events.  Every public library I’ve visited in the last 5 years has computers with internet access for public use.  And all have librarians that are happy to assist you in navigating the Internet.


This has been another incredible year for the Puget Sound Knappers!  In 2015 PSK members hosted eleven major knap-ins and participated in over a dozen other knapping related events.  Most of the knap-in had record attendance as overall membership also reached a record – 610 active members at last count!



Sadly we also lost a couple of long time members, members who participation added immensely to our community.  Greg Greger and Jim Rayner will be sorely missed.


We’ve added a new section to the website – ‘Interesting Places’.  This section is located in the ‘Interesting Stuff’ section (which will be re-organized in the near future).  This section will highlight and provide information on places that may be of interest to flintknappers – museums and such.  Already we have information on the Cashmere Museum and the Wenatchee Museum, with plans to add features on the Howard Dolph Museum in Rufus, OR and the Favell Museum in Klamath Falls, OR (largest collection of arrowheads in the world).


This section will be a ‘member’ participation section – if you are a PSK member and you visit a place you think may be of interest to other PSK members, please write up a brief report (with photos if possible) and send it to the webmaster a ‘reefer@pugetsoundknappers.com’.


Finally, after approval from the Council of Elders, we’ve purchased an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).  This device, for those who may not know, is designed to automatically detect and, if necessary, defibrillate (shock) someone whose heart is not functioning properly as in the case of a heart attack.

Used in conjunction with CPR administered by a trained individual, this device reduces death by heart attacks by as much as 50%.


The device we purchased is a Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator.  As custodian, I will see to it that it gets to each knap-in, either personally or by shipping it to the knap-in host.


Although we’ve received pledges for most of the cost of the device, we hope to get more members to donate, both to cover the cost of the device, the cost of shipping and training for individuals who volunteer to be trained on CPR/AED/First Aid.

If you can help by donating and help get the word out (it will be on the) please let me know at ‘reefer@pugetsoundknappers.com’.   If you already have access to one of these machines, please let me know that as well.

I will also be asking everyone who has current CPR/AED/First Aid or Wilderness First Aid certification to let me know so that we can provide this information to each knap-in host.

PS both my wife and I just finished a re-certification (11/14/15) on CPR/AED and First Aid and Barry Bonnell joined us in the CPR/AED certification. As luck would have it we trained on the same machine we purchased!



In spite of losing two of our senior members, the PSK continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Just since the last SPALLS issued in July we’ve had 22 new members join! 

New since July 2015 

Allen White – Ellensburg, WA Noah Yang – Lopez Is, WA
Colin Skelly – Everett, WA John Labrum – Medford, OR
Dale Bonnell – Everett, WA Matt Rutledge
Doug Shaw – Alberta, Canada Edward Lindey - Lacey, WA
Ephemera Wilde - Oaxaca, Mexico Jodi Catania - Port Angeles, WA
Joe Smith - Port Angeles, WA Jonathan P Haynes - Tacoma, WA
John Labrum - Medford, OR Julie and Damon Hatch – Port Angeles, WA
Neil Marsh - Chehalis, WA Neil Thompsett – Santa Monica, CA
Rick Adams – Portland, OR Steve Morgan – Joyce, WA
Terry Stockman - Port Angeles, WA Jonathan Poahway - Cache, OK
Marielle Evans - Kamloops, British Columbia by way of  Wilderness Awareness School (WAS) Michael Hauptvogel - Germany by way of Wilderness Awareness School
Marcus Kastner - (WAS) Matt Rutledge
Steve Gobel – Twin Falls, ID



*PSK Point Display Project*


For those that don’t know already, the PSK Point Display Project is well on its way to becoming a real show piece for the Puget Sound Knappers.

The Case is complete and there are about 100 member points already donated.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to take individual photos for the website or even mount all of the points in the case.  But I’m working on it!

To view the points photographed to date go here (I’m way behind here): http://www.pugetsoundknappers.com/about_us/PSK%20Point%20Collection.html

Upcoming Events – Note: Since SPALLS is published only three times each year, changes/updates to the schedule of events will be posted on our website http://pugetsoundknappers.com

Also – some of the knap-in dates are tentative.  The hosts will try and nail down specific dates but circumstances may dictate changes.

If you have attended or know about an event involving knapping let me know.  I’ll either publish it in SPALLS or put in on the PSK Website.

Note from the publisher - With concurrence from the Council of Elders

This note is a basic reminder that the PSK and all of the knap-ins are paid for either by direct donations or auctions of donated items and community points, and competitive knapping contests.  The expenses to the host of a knap-in are not trivial, running into the hundreds of dollars.  To insure the continuation of our knap-ins and in particular the largest knap-in in the PNW – the Glass Buttes Knap-in, it is important that all knappers contribute what they can.  The cost of Porta-Potties alone at Glass Buttes can run between $600 and $800 including toilet paper.  We must make sure that whoever arranges and pays for the Porta-Potties is adequately compensated.



Ongoing Events

Weekly Fort Knapadonia Knap-in

There is a knap-in each Wednesday from 8:30 am until sometime in the afternoon at Fort Knapadonia on the north end of Whidbey Island (see the website’s Annual Fort Knapadonia Knap-in announcement for directions or see below in the annual Ft Knapadonia announcement for contact information).  While there are usually 12-14 knappers attending, from novices to master knappers, we are seeing up to 16 and sometimes more knappers attend.  Dr. Joe Higgins hosts and provides expert knapping lessons.  The regulars also provide lessons, loaner tools, free rock and safety gear – safety glass and nitrile-coated gloves.  Brunch or lunch is usually provided by the regulars as well.

**Note – please contact Joe Higgins (360) 720-0025 or Jim Keffer (425) 503-4413 if you’d like to attend and you are not one of the regulars – if the weather is bad (usually is) – we knap indoors and there is limited room.  We always try and make room!  Joe has also been opening the shop on Saturdays – just call ahead to make sure!


Weekly Sammamish Knap-in

 Jim Keffer, PSK Webmaster, is hosting a weekly knap-in each Friday between 9:00am and 3:00pm at his shop in Sammamish.  Everyone is welcome and the shop can easily accommodate more than 25 knappers.  The shop is well heated and we now have plenty of chairs!  There is free rock, loaner tools, safety glasses and gloves for everyone.  Coffee is provided and there have been a number of senior PSK members attending to help instruct the ‘noobies’.

Tri-Cities Bi-monthly Knap-in

The Tri-Cities Knappers host a bi-monthly knap-in Kennewick, WA.  The knap-in is hosted by Frank Olmsted and Marvin Barger the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 5:30pm - 9:00 pm.  The location is Frank's home - 803 S. Edison in Kennewick, Washington.

This is a new group founded by four PSK members in the Tri-Cities area.  There are about a dozen 'regulars' and forty -one who attend when their schedule permits.

Their goal is quote "to help all new or experienced knappers, who are interested in this art form".  They also offer private session of Video Tutorials and One-on-One instruction! 

TO find out more contact:

Frank Olmsted: Phone - (509) 783-2798, email Frank%20Olmsteds%20Mailto

Marvin Barger: Phone - (509) 942-1014, email Marvin%20Bargers%20Mailto

Future Events Schedule for 2016


PSK Sponsored Events*

*hosted by PSK members

Summary – The following Knap-ins are planned for 2016, details below.

1.     Cabin Fever Knap-in – Granite Falls, WA February 6th (firstSaturday in February – the day before Super Bowl Sunday)

2.     Cabelas Knap-in – Lacey, WA, February Dated TBD

3.     Glass Buttes Knap-in – Glass Buttes, OR March 19th - March 27th

4.     Cabelas Knap-in – Springfield, OR, May Dates TBD

5.     Spring Knap-in – Work-in-Progress, Jim Miller, Nick Tomihama and/or Jack Fee working on a May Knap-in

6.     North Idaho Knap-in – Work-in-Progress,  Blain Kuykendall and Ray Harwood working on this – date suggestions welcome!

7.     Tri-Cities Knap-in – Richland, WA May 28th& 29th

8.     Bitterroot Valley Knap-in – Florence, MT, June dates TBD

9.     Rocky Mountain House Knap-in – Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada, July 15th-  18th

10.   Fort Knapadonia Knap-in – Whidbey Island, WA, August 22nd – 28th

11.   Sammamish Knap-in – Sammamish WA September 3rd-  4th

12.   Ft Whoop-up Knap-in, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, September

13.   North Columbia Knap-in, Kettle Falls, WA, October 7th - 9th

14.  Millersylvania Knap-in – Millersylvania State Park, WA, 1st weekend in November (5th and 6th).

Cabin Fever/Winter Break Knap-in – Granite Falls, WA

February 6th (first Saturday in February – the day before Super Bowl Sunday)

Host Dave Pehling and Jim Dennis


Dave Pehling and Jim Dennis kick off the 2016 Knapping Year once again with the first official PSK knap-on of the year.  Held at Jim’s shop in Granite Falls, this knap-in has been for years the best cure for Cabin Fever!  This event typically features wild game chili (elk, deer, etc.),  and it draws both the hardcore PSK members as well a fair crop of noobies.  So come on out and help us start the New Year in style!

Directions from Everett are as follows...

From I-5 at Everett, turn onto US-2 E toward SNOHOMISH.  Stay in the left lane over the trestle and merge onto WA-204 E via the ramp on the LEFT toward LAKE STEVENS. 

Not far past the top of the long hill (about 2.7mi. – I THINK it’s at the 3rd lite) Turn LEFT onto WA-9 and stay in the right lane Go about 1.7 miles and Turn RIGHT onto WA-92 (at the 3rd stop light). 

Go about 7.8 miles (not far past the "round-about") and at the next light Turn LEFT onto JORDAN, just before you get into Granite Falls.

Stay on Jordan road and at the next "round-about", take the 2nd right, staying on Jordan Rd. 

After crossing the Stillaguamish river bridge, take the 3rd drive (I think) on the left. It's right across the road from a large "turn-out". Address is 11414 Jordan Road, Arlington. Mapquest map is at http://mapq.st/TW4p4v


2016 Cabelas Lacey Store Knap-in Announcement

Tentative Dates – Mid-February

Host – Mick Hill

The Puget Sound Knappers have been invited back to Cabelas' Lacey Store for the 6th year in a row to demonstrate flintknapping to its customers!  This year's event is tentatively planned for mid-February.  Store hours are Saturday 8:00am to 9:00pm (we only stay until about 5:00pm) and Sunday 9:00am until 7:00pm (again we only stay until 5:00pm)


This has been a great event for the PSK, increasing awareness and providing a chance to meet new knappers as well as those that want to learn the ancient art of flintknapping.  There are usually 15 to 20 PSK members and plenty of rock!  So come on out and join the fun!


For those who want to stay overnight Cabelas allows overnight camping in their south parking lot.  There are usually a couple of semis but room for a couple dozen RVs.  The PSK webmaster has parked his 25' trailer there and stayed the weekend - very convenient, and FREE!


For more information contact Mick Hill – (36) 493-8439



Cabelas Lacey Store

1600 Gateway Blvd. NE

Lacey, WA 985164400


Telephone: (360) 252-3500

 GPS Co-ordinates:

47.0657   -122.7845

From Seattle (approx. 58 miles):

Southbound I-5 to Exit 111.

Turn right onto Marvin Rd North.

Go to second round-about (.5 miles).

Turn left through round-about onto Britton Parkway NE.

On Britton Parkway turn left on to Gateway Blvd.

Go to Cabela’s - .4 miles.

From Portland (approx. 117 miles):


Northbound I-5 to Exit 111.

Turn left onto Marvin Rd North.

Go over I-5 to second round-about (.7 miles).

Turn left through round-about onto Britton Parkway NE.

On Britton Parkway turn left on to Gateway Blvd.



2016 Glass Buttes Gathering, Glass Buttes, Oregon

March 19th - March 27th

Host Rocky Male


Take Special Note – The timing of the annual Glass Buttes Knap-in corresponds to the Oregon Schools Spring Break Calendar.  In 2016 Spring Break is March 19th through March 27th,   and the knap-in starts the Saturday before and ends the Sunday after!

 Second Special Note and Reminder – The Glass Buttes Knap-in is held on Federal Land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The BLM does not permit commercial activity or organized events.  This is an informal gathering of people with a common interest.  As a condition of using the Glass Buttes area the knappers provide sanitation facilities (Porta-Potties).  The cost of these Porta-Potties is not insignificant and historically, one or two knappers have gone out on a limb and spent their own money up front to rent them.  Donations from those attending will help insure that we will be able to meet our commitments to provide sanitation facilities and keep in the good graces of the BLM!  Donations are absolutely voluntary but please donate if you can.  And pack out your trash!

 And Come PREPARED!   While three of the last four years have seen moderate to good weather, those of us at the 2011 GB Knap-in experienced some tough conditions.  Not bad enough to keep away the hardiest of the knappers but tough nevertheless! 

 As always it will be primitive camping – bring what you’ll need and plan to pack it out as well.  Porta-Potties are the only amenities that will be provided.  To see a checklist of useful items to bring go here:  Glass Buttes Checklist

 A further reminder, there are specific rock collecting guidelines for collecting it the Glass Buttes area. The regulation promulgated by the BLM can be seen here:  Glass Buttes Handout

 Also, if you have other interests in all the other aboriginal skill sets: food/fire/water/tanning/cordage/herbs/basketry/etc., etc., etc. - this is one of the best for networking/sharing/learning. Again, the weather is THE wildcard for this event.

Point of contact is Rocky Male (rockymale@yahoo.com ).   Rocky will be providing the Porta-Potties (and firewood) so keep him in mind when the donation bucket goes around.


Get to Glass Buttes by driving to the Central Oregon Highway - Hwy 20 and the driving to milepost 77.  A dirt road goes south towards two volcanic peaks, Little Glass Butte is on the east and Big Glass Butte is on the west. The main camp is approximately 2.9 miles south of Hwy 20.



(Spring) Yakima Canyon Knap-in Announcement

Friday, May 20 through Monday, May 23 (2016)

Host Jim ‘JKnapper’ Miller


Jim Miller will be hosting the First Annual Spring Knap-in at the Big Pines Campground in Yakima Canyon, Friday, May 20 through Monday, May 23 (2016) in Yakima Canyon.

Big Pines is located in the scenic Yakima River Canyon, which cuts through massive basalt cliffs and rolling desert hills, 19 miles south of Ellensburg, Washington.  This canyon has been designated as a state scenic route and offers excellent wildlife viewing, fishing in a Blue Ribbon trout stream, river rafting and camping.


At 20 acres, Big Pines is BLM’s largest recreation site in the Yakima River Canyon. The northern edge of the recreation site is adjacent to undeveloped hiking trails on lands managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is recommended that you reserve campsites as early as possible using the BLM website.  There are also three other close-by campgrounds in the event all sites at the Big Pines campground are taken. 

1.     Umtanum (6.9 miles from Big Pines) -  Six campsites

2.     Lmuma Creek (2.8 Miles) - Seven campsites

3.      Roza (2.4 miles) -  Six campsites

Note:  Each site can accommodate 10 people and may be shared with one other vehicle and/or tent.  If you can’t get a reservations and would like to share a spot contact Jim Keffer (jckeffer@comcast.net 425-503-4413) or Jim Miller (goldpoint@comcast.net  206-930-9107) and we see if we can work something out.



The campgrounds in Yakima Canyon are all along Hwy 821 (Yakima Canyon Road).  Access is either via:

1.       I90 exit 109, go south on Canyon Rd/Hwy 821 (18.6 miles)

2.     I82 exit 3, go west on Hwy 821/Thrall Rd (15.6 miles)

3.     I82 exit 26, go west on Hwy 821 (9.7 miles)


Reservations are highly recommended and should be made as soon as possible. 


2016 Tri-Cities Knap-In, Richland, WA

Memorial Day Weekend - Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, 29th

Hosted by Marvin Barger and Frank Omstead


Marvin Barger and Frank Omstead will be hosting the fourth annual Tri-cities Knap-in Memorial Day Weekend, May 28th - 29th.  This will be held in Amon Park on the East edge of Richland next to the Columbia River.   There is parking along the road to the site, at the boat launch and around the above nearby facilities.

General:  The public will have easy access to our activity, and we can expect many visitors wishing to see and learn about this ancient craft.  Visitors must wear eye protection if they try pressure flaking of rocks.

Being in a city park, we must clean up debris and remove equipment at the end of each day, the time of this based on the desires of attendees. 

Contact for additional information:   

Frank Omstead - (509) 783-2798

Marvin Barger - (509) 942-1014

Where: At the same place as in 2014, at the North end of Amon Park next to the boat launch with open spaces and trees for shade. This is one block east of the main North/South street of Richland, George Washington Way.


Coming from West (Yakima Valley) on Hwy 82, five miles after passing Benton City,  turn into Hwy I82, heading for Richland.   After crossing Yakima River bridge, make exit at overpass to George Washington Way, the main North/South street heading North through downtown portion of Richland.  On George Washington Way, after passing  the Red Lion Inn  and Sterling's Grill on right  turn right (East) on Newton St., going over the former dike to  Amon Park which is next to the Columbia river.  Turn left (North) and watch for temporary KNAP-IN signs and join the group at the site. 

Coming from the Northwest on Hwy 240 past the Hanford Reservation, when approaching the North edge of Richland, pass  through Richland Access Hwy at traffic light onto Jadwin St., going South several blocks until coming to Van Giesen St. and turning left, going East to intersection with the main Street, George Washington Way.  Turn right, south, going thru the uptown portion of Richland, past the fire station and the Chinese Deli. Turn left on Newton Street, just before Sterling's Grill, going over the dike to Amon Park.  Turn left, (north), watching for Knap-In signs and join the group at the site.

Coming from North East on Hwy I82 past city of Pasco, or coming on Hwy. 240 from south of Richland.  Stay in right lane from the I82 overpass coming to George Washington Way.  After passing the Red Lion Inn, watch for Sterling's Grill on the right.  Immediately past it, turn right (East) on Newton St., going over the dike to Amon Park which is next to the Columbia River.  Turn left (North) towards the boat launch at the North end of Howard Amon Park.  Watch for Knap-In sign and join the group at the site.



2016 Bitterroot Valley Knap-in Announcement

Tentative dates June 16 – 21, 2016

Hosts Richard and Joan Urata


Joan and Richard Urata will be hosting the 6th Annual Bitterroot Valley Knap-In at the Larry Creek Campground in the Bass Creek Recreation Area, Bitterroot Valley, Montana. This event will be in June - Tentative dates June 16 – 21, 2016.

As with all PSK knap-ins, everything is free.  This is a family event.  There is a paved parking lot for RV’s (no hookups) and vehicles.  There will be lots of room for tents under the trees or under the stars.  Forest Service restricts RV’s over 30 ft. and vehicles need to stay in the parking lot.   Camp gear will need to be carried a short distance to your campsite.  


This is BEAR country so tenters should bring a long rope to hang your food up in the trees.  Do not leave it in your vehicles.  There will be a pot luck dinner on Saturday night with the hosts providing the main dish.  This will be a Forest Service group area with trees providing about 75% shade where we will be gathering and tenting.  There is a 50 X 50 yard open area for an archery/atlatl range and tents.  There is a large supermarket 6 miles away and restaurants 6 to 8 miles away in Stevensville.  There is a motel 15 miles away in Lolo.

The RV spaces at Larry Creek Group Campground are limited so be sure to make your reservations with Richard & Joan to guarantee a space in the group camp.  A list of alternative RV Parks and Hotels is available by emailing Joan at the address below.  For over 30 ft. RV’s and overflow RV’s, use the Charles Waters Forestry Campground – the first come first served campground - is about a mile from Larry Creek in the same complex – cost is $10/night and no hookups or $5/night with Senior National Park Pass.  This campground has individual camping spaces.

If you are planning on coming to the Montana Knap-In please drop us a line at richurata@cybernet1.com or call us at (406) 360-1752 and let us know how many are in your party and if you are tent camping or staying somewhere else in your RV.  The Forest Service likes to get a tentative number of attendees so they can help us in our facility planning.

Location: Larry Creek Campground in the Bass Creek Recreation Area, Bitterroot Valley, Montana


Drive to Missoula, Montana, on Interstate 90. 

Take exit 101 and head south on Reserve Street (also designated Hwy 93) toward Hamilton. 

Turn right on Brooks street (also designated Hwy 93).  You will pass 2 towns, Lolo and Florence.  Look for the Forestry sign for Bass Creek Recreational Area.  There is NO sign for the Knap-In on highway 93. 

Turn right onto Bass Creek Road, 0.6 miles south of mile post 71 to Bass Creek Recreation area.  Go 2 miles into Bass Creek Recreation area then turn right to Larry Creek campground group area.  There will be ‘knap-in’ signs to direct you in the recreation area.  Go 1 mile on gravel road to our group campground.  You will pass a parking lot for day users on your right.


2nd Annual Legends and Legacies Knap-in, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

July 5th - 18th, 2016

Host Russell Thornberry

Russell Thornberry will host the second annual Legends and Legacies Knap-in July 5th - 18th.  It will be held at the Rocky Mountain House Heritage Site on the outskirts of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada, during the Legends and Legacy weekend. This event draws 3000-4000 visitors annually that come to see history relived on this historic site where in 1799 the North West and Hudson’s Bay companies set up rival posts at the end of the fur trade line on the North Saskatchewan River. Competition was fierce at Rocky Mountain House, and during its 76-year history, nine different Aboriginal cultures came to this site to trade. Explorer, fur trader and map-maker, David Thompson, used the North West Company post as a base for finding a pass across the Rocky Mountains. During the Legends and Legacy weekend many Aboriginal skills will be displayed, and we get to be a part of it!

 Arrangements have been made for free RV parking and/or tenting for our knappers, but since space is somewhat limited we have been asked to pre-register for those sites.  With this much lead time there should be ample room for everyone IF you pre-register soon!

To pre-register the following is required.  Email or call Russell Thornberry at - phone (403) 872 4866. He will need the name of each attendee, email address, phone number, license plate number and state or province of origin. 


For those who elect to stay in a hotel in Rocky Mountain House, below are a list and phone numbers of suitable accommodations. Be advised that Rocky Mountain House is a busy little town in the center of a brisk oil business and you will have to make reservations well in advance to get a room.


Best Western Rocky Mountain House Inn & Suites (800) 588 8520

Rocky Mountain House Canalta (403) 846 0088

Rocky Inn Express  (403) 845 2871

Walking Eagle Inn 1 (866) 845-2131


A suitable sheltered knapping area will be provided, as well as a safe lock-up area for our tools etc. after closing hours at night.  The Heritage site has also agreed to provide us with nightly campfire areas adjacent to each of our camping spots. There is a food service (hot dogs and burgers and soft drinks) available on Saturday and Sunday at the Heritage Site.


Bring your knapping tools and lots of rock – enough for your needs and for those who would like to learn. Unfortunately for us Albertans, we don’t have much for knappable rock up here, so we rely on our friends south of the border who have an abundance of obsidian to help us out. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Don’t forget your guitars (or whatever you play) for some music around the campfires. We will also provide opportunity for Atlatl and traditional archery, so bring your longbows bows and atlatls if you have them! Of course we will have the Goat and 10-Speed competitions, as well as other knapping activities and competitions!

Saturday Night Potluck Dinner and Auction

On Saturday night we have reserved the High Water House with a fully modern kitchen and plenty of seating for out potluck dinner. Be sure and bring a dish to share. Immediately after the potluck there will be out fundraiser auction so please bring an item or two for that purpose. 

Knapping Tools

 There will be a good selection of knapping tools available for sale for those in need. Be sure and let newcomers that you encourage to come, of the availability of tools for sale.  As always, there will be tools on hand to loan to newcomers who just want to try their hand at knapping on site. In addition, there will be protective gloves and eye protection available on site.


Especially for those coming to Alberta from the U.S., the world famous Calgary Stampede will be under way for 10 days in early July. This is the world’s largest rodeo and the surrounding festivities are enormous. You might want to take in some of the Stampede on your way up to the Knap-In and make a full-blown vacation of it. Check Calgary Stampede 2016 online for full details.


Rocky Mountain House is two hours and eight minutes northwest of Calgary, Alberta. 

Take AB-2 N to AB-54 W.   (110 km/68.3 miles)

Take exit 365 from AB-2 N to AB-54

Follow AB-54 W to AB-781 N (17.4 km/10.8)

Turn right onto AB-781 N and go to AB11 (21.8 km/13.5 miles)

Turn left onto AB-11 W and go to 52 Ave/AB-11A W (61.2 km/38. miles)

Turn left onto 52 Ave/AB-11A W (signs for Alberta 11 Alternate W/Rocky Mountain House/Town Centre)


From Edmonton:

Take AB-2 S towards Red Deer (115 km/ 71.5 miles)

Take exit 422 for Alberta 12 toward Lacombe/Bentley (550 m/602 yds)

Keep right at the fork and merge onto AB-12 W (700 m/ 765.5 yds)

 Merge onto AB-12 W and go to Range Rd (69.0 km/42.8 miles)

Turn left onto Range Rd and go to AB-598 (9.3km/5.8 miles)

Turn right onto AB-598 W and Continue onto 52 Ave/AB-11A W (170 m/207 yds)

Turn right onto 48 St (150 m/164 yds)

Turn left onto 53 Ave (140 m/153 yds)

Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada


Directions from Rocky Mountain House to the Heritage Site:

The National Historic Site is located 6 km west of Rocky Mountain House on Highway 11A.


I am looking forward to a reunion with all who came to our first Knapp-Inn at Fort Whoop Up last September in Lethbridge, Alberta, as well as meeting new Brothers of the Stone that I am sure will show up in July.


Till then – Keep Chippin’!

Russell Thornberry

  Fort Knapadonia Knap-in Whidbey Island, WA

August 17th - 23rd

Hosts Joe and Sunny Higgins and the Knapadonia Gang

Joe and Sunny Higgins will host the annual Fort Knapadonia Knap-In in August.  He promises to have a full schedule of events – archery, 2-inch Goat, 10-speed, bow making, atlatls, darts, arrows, etc., and don’t forget – making arrowheads and blades. 

There will be water available, electricity, Port-a-Potties, and lots of room for camping and RVing.  Women and families are welcomed and encouraged to attend!  Close by Oak Harbor offers plenty of garage sales and stores for shopping.  

In addition to the usual great knappers knapping, plentiful rock and great weather, Whidbey Island is also a great place for families interested in sightseeing and other tourist activities.

There will also be two large teepees available for overnight guest accommodations.  Use of these teepees is FREE but on a first come-first served basis.  Each teepee can accommodate 6-8 people.


To get to the knap-in:

Drive north past Seattle about 70 miles on Interstate 5.  Take the 230 off-ramp to highway 20 and go west toward Anacortes.  Take highway 20 turn off to Deception Pass.  Go past Deception Pass about 2 miles and turn right (west) on Banta Road.  Follow the signs from Banta Road to the knap-in.  There are stores and restaurants/fast foods in the area.  Contact Joe Higgins at (360) 720-1076 or (360) 675-4943 for more information on fishing and the knap-in.

 4rd Annual Sammamish Knap-in, Sammamish, WA

August 28th –August 31st

Hosts Jim and Beverly Keffer


Jim and Beverly Keffer will host the 4th Sammamish Knap-in Friday September 2nd thru Sunday September 4th at their place in Sammamish, WA.  (Address 23811 NE 14th Street, Sammamish, WA 98074)

Accommodations:  FREE!

There is camping and parking space in the north pasture for trailers, campers and other vehicles.  Electrical power will be available on a limited basis and there are two battery chargers if needed.  Tent camping are spaces available in the orchard.

There will also be overnight sleeping space in the shop.  The shop is two-story about 1200 sq. ft. per story and heated (if necessary).  There are two cots and if the pasture yields enough hay there will be bedding available


If the weather is unfavorable, knapping will be in the shop.  There is adequate room on the first floor (1,000 sq. ft.) for 30-40 knappers (or more) and it can be heated if necessary.

There will be the usual events – 2” Goat and 10-Speed.  Plus there will be targets for archery, atlatls and tomahawks.  And plan on a Saturday evening Potluck dinner.

There two grocery stores (Safeway/Hagans) within one mile as well as a couple of pharmacies.  Costco is just 7.7 miles away.

Location/Directions:  23811 NE 14th St, Sammamish, WA 98074

From the East – Take I90 to the Preston exit (exit 22).  Turn right at the end of the off-ramp and turn right on SE High Point Way.  SE High Point Way becomes Preston-Fall City Road.  Continue on Preston-Fall City Road 3.7 miles to Fall City and turn left on SR-202 (Redmond-Fall City Road).  Go 8.7 miles to 244th Ave NE (stoplight) and turn left.  Go 1.2 miles and turn right on NE 14th Street, 23811 NE 14th Street is at the end of new paved road (there will be signs). NOTE - The SPEED LIMIT on NE 14th Street is 10 MPH.  It is intended to provide safety to our neighbors - PLEASE DO NOT EXCEED THE 10 MPH LIMIT!

 From North, South or West - Take I405 to WA520 and head east towards Redmond, WA (5.5 miles).  Exit at Redmond WA. SR202 and turn right towards Sammamish.  Go approximately 5.1 miles to and turn right onto 244th Ave NE. Go 1.2 miles and turn right on NE 14th Street, 23811 NE 14th Street is at the end of the gravel road (there will be signs).


 Clallam County Rock and Gem Show Knap-in

 The Puget Sound Knappers have been invited to participate at the Clallam County Rock and Gem Show but the dates are pending.  The show will be held at the Vern Burton Community Center, 308 East 4th Street, Port Angeles, WA. The last time the Puget Sound Knappers attended this event there was a good turnout of PSK members and a LOT of public interest and participation. We were also able to hook up with the local PSK members who we don't see that often.


The Vern Burton Community Center is located at 308 East 4th Street, Port Angeles, WA.  Get to Hwy US-101on the Olympic Peninsula and go west to Port Angeles.  Follow US-101 W into Port Angeles.  US-101 turns into E Front St. (one way). Turn left on Peabody St and continue to E 4th St.  Turn right and the Vern Burton will be straight on your left.


3nd Annual Whoop Up/Black Powder Rendezvous & Knap-In

September 4th to 7th

Host Barry Rogers

The Third Annual  Ft Whoop Up/ Black Powder Rendezvous & Knap-in September 1st to 4th  at the Ft Whoop Up Black Powder Gun Range,  Lethbridge, Alberta.


We will join the Black Powder Rendezvous which will draw 50 plus participants. Anyone with a black powder gun can participate in the shoots. They must have insurance or purchase it from the Black Powder Club for $5. It is located in the valley close to the confluence of the St Marys River and the Old Man River, near the original site of Ft Whoop Up. Free camping will be available to preregistered knappers and a $10 attendance fee will be charged for nonregistered knappers and visitors. Contact Barry Rogers (403) 678 5041 or email barryrogers@shaw.ca to register and get a map and further accommodation and activities information. Period dress is preferred but not mandatory.

Master Knappers from Canada and the US will be available to instruct those who want to improve their knapping skills.

If you are a knapper or a wannabe knapper and wish to attend, register as soon as possible with Barry Rogers at barryrogers@shaw.ca or 403-678-5041.  This will help us plan our Second Canadian Knap-In and secure a camping site for you.

We are also trying to arrange for an archery/atlatl range.

There is no entry fee for Knappers and their families. 

Pot Luck suppers will be held:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The main entree will be provided and side dishes are to be provided by knap-in participants.  Please bring adequate for your family.  Tea, coffee and water will be available all day.

You must register for a camping site either trailer or tent, no services, just a field in Indian Battle Park right outside the Fort.  There is room for 20 to 30 trailers, plus a few tents.  Public toilets are available a short walk away, or in the Fort during open hours.

Full service camp ground (Bridgeview RV Resort, 403-381-2357) in the river valley off of Highway #3 is available a short drive away.

Hotels:  Two hotels, both at the top of the hill above Fort Whoop-Up are within an up/down hill walk (300 foot elevation above the river valley).

Days Inn   100 3rd Ave So. (403) 327-6000

Lethbridge Lodge Hotel   320 Scenic Dr. So. (403) 328-1123

Lethbridge has supermarkets, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc.  There is a trailer dump station and potable city water available at the Tourist Information Hut (403-320-1222) on the corner of Mayor Magrath Dr. and Scenic Drive So.  A multitude of food facilities are at the hilltop above Fort Whoop-Up, near the corner of 3rd Ave. So. and Scenic Drive, including a nice wine and liquor store.


From the East on the Crowsnest Trail Highway (#3)  -  Entering Lethbridge from the East on the Crowsnest Trail Highway (#3), turn South onto Scenic Drive, go South (about 1/2 Mile) to 3rd Avenue South, then turn right (West) and proceed down the hill to Indian Battle Park.  Fort Whoop-Up Interpretive Site is just off to the left at the bottom of the hill.

From the West on Crowsnest Trail Highway (#3) - About ¼ mile after you cross bridge over the river at the bottom of the valley, take the First Ave South (City Centre) exit.  At the traffic lights at the top of the hill turn right onto Scenic Drive, go 2 blocks, turn right onto 3rd Ave. So. and follow down the hill to Indian Battle Park.  Ft. Whoop-Up Interpretive Site is just off to your left at the bottom of the hill.

From the South coming in on Highway #4 (from Coutts US/Canada Border Crossing):  -  Follow Highway #4 to the intersection of Mayor Magrath Drive and continue (West) straight through on to Scenic Drive.   Follow Scenic Drive (for 2-3 miles) to 3rd Avenue So., then turn left (West) continue down the hill to Indian Battle Park.  Fort Whoop-Up Interpretive Site is left at the bottom of the hill.

Note – A passport is required to enter Canada and return to the U.S.  Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) indicates both citizenship and identity and are valid for entry into Canada by land or sea, though not valid for international air travel. As of January 2009, these licenses are only available in Washington and New York.


If you have question call Barry Rogers, 403-678-5941 or barryrogers@shaw.ca

4th Annual North Columbia Knap-in - North Columbia Knap-in

October 9th - 11th

Hosts Kyle Chamberlain and Patrick Farneman


Kyle Chamberlain and Patrick Farneman will host the 4th Annual North Columbia Knap-in this year from Oct 9th thru Sunday, Oct 11th, 2016.  The event has moved a couple of miles north of the river to 101 Harter Way, Kettle Falls, WA, to the land owned by Kyle Chamberlain. Here is a link to more specific map (interactive): Kyle's Place

Folks are welcome to attend all or part, and are welcome to bring and participate in any desired primitive skills & technology they would like. In past years there has been, in addition to knapping, archery shooting, Atlatl and darts, blacksmithing, stone carving, mushroom hunting, friction fires, kayaking and more.

Feel free to email or call for more info. Hope to see you there!


Patrick Farneman

Executive Director

Bridges to the Past

PO Box 14, Valley, WA 99181



(509) 936-1599

20th Annual (Pre) Thanksgiving Knap-In, Millersylvania State Park

November 5th and November 6th

Hosts Mick and Holly Hill

Join Mick and Holly Hill at their annual November knap-in.  This gathering began with the idea of putting closure to the year, reflecting on the fun gatherings and campouts that happened thru the year(s).  It is our knappers’ time to give thanks and be grateful, and then look forward to the holidays with our own families.


 \This event takes place at Millersylvania State Park which opens at 8 a.m. and closes at dusk, 5 p.m.  Kitchen #1 is a log cabin that includes an area with fireplace heat and extra lighting set up for flintknapping.   There is also a kitchen area with wood stove to plan the potluck.  We have electricity and running cold water if the weather is not freezing temps.   Part of the cabin is open to the weather elements and cannot be closed off.  It can be cold!  There are also bathrooms near the cabin.


Visitors to the Park must have a Discover Pass with the exception of those camping overnight.  The annual pass is $30.  If you access the park for 2 days without an annual pass, the fee is $10 each day.


One pass is good for two (same registered address) vehicles and must be displayed in the vehicle that is in the park.  If you have 2 vehicles in the park, you must have 2 passes displayed.


If you have reserved and paid for a campsite, the parking tag/fee is not required.\

A potluck Thanksgiving dinner will be served by 1 p.m. on Saturday only.  Mick and Holly provide coffee, turkey and some traditional thanksgiving dishes.  Bring a potluck dish, camp stool or chair, and plan to wear warm clothes and boots for the mud, sometimes rainy weather.  Pack a project to work on or maybe share with others how to make something.

 \Some may camp and stay thru Sunday.  If camping, expect to follow state park rules and provide payment for a camp site.  There are bathrooms w/plumbing and token-operated hot showers available.   Check the website at www.parks.wa.gov, select Millersylvania, to consider reservations.

We meet again Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Lunch will be pulled pork for a reduced number of knappers.   This is a good time for learning flintknapping from others with more experience if you are new to the art.


From North or South, take I-5 to Exit 95.  Follow signs to the park entrance.  Look for Kitchen #1.  Park in the first parking lot around to the left, near the entrance of the park.  Access to Kitchen #1 is by walking a path thru the woods.  We will have 2 wheelbarrows to shuttle your flintknapping supplies from your vehicle to the cabin.  Watch for others that may be trying to find our cabin!  It gets confusing to new visitors.   If necessary, there is a back road access to drive/assist those who don’t hike, or to deliver the extra big load.  Park rangers want to limit our driving thru their back roads.

For more info, contact Mick or Holly Hill, 360-493-8439 or email: hollyhill54@gmail.com  or  Michaelhill30@gmail.com


Other Events – not PSK Sponsored


Bakersfield Monthly Knap-In, Monthly, Bakersfield, California, hosted by Gary Pickett

 A monthly knap-in is held on the first Sunday of every month.  The one-day event goes from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Hart Memorial Park.  The park is eight miles northeast of Bakersfield on the Alfred Harrell Highway.  Knappers meet at the East end of the park. 

Location: Hart Memorial Park - eight miles northeast of Bakersfield, CA on the Alfred Harrell Highway


While on highway 58, east of Bakersfield, take the Comanche exit and turn to the north.  Comanche curves around 5 to 6 miles and dead ends into highway 178. Turn north on 178 (right) then a quick left (less than 1/4 mile) onto Alfred Harrell highway. Alfred Harrell 7-8 miles goes into Hart Park.   The knap-in is 100 yards or so from the entrance on the right hand side of the park.  For more information contact Gary Pickett at: Home: (661) 392-7729, Cell: (661) 444-6163, e-mail:  air-o-head@webtv.net


Latest PSK Knap-in Reports and Sponsored Events*

(Since July 2015)

*These events are hosted and/or supported by PSK members

Due to time constraints some of the reports may be abbreviated or even missing.  I will include the missing reports as in the next issue if I receive them.  All of the reports, along with photos, are in the 2015 Event Reports section of the website.

Due to the high cost of printing and mailing I am unable to include photos of past events in SPALLS.  If you have or can get access to a computer with Internet access you can find these reports with photos here: http://www.pugetsoundknappers.com/events/2015_Reports.html

Editor’s apology – these reports will be briefer than I’d hoped due to time constraints (the need to get SPALLS out), as well as the time it requires to update the website and SPALLs to keep them in synch.  The overall growth of the PSK makes maintaining SPALLS and the website a challenge – but a good one.  Thanks to Barry Bonnell, I’m getting some seriously needed help!


Ps – anyone attending a PSK knap-in can help with the reports!



2015 Fort Knapadonia Knap-in Report

Host Joe and Sunny Higgins


WOW! What a knap-in! From great knapping to Didgeridoo making classes, this one had it all! Always a great knap-in, this one was in a class by itself!


Attendance at the 2015 Ft Knapadonia Knap-in was the largest ever.  And there were more activities than ever before!  Activities included classes in basket making, Didgeridoo making, PVC pipe bows, atlatls (wood and PVC), boomerangs, friction fire, and wire wrapping. There was salmon fishing as well!


2015 Canadian Ft Whoop-Up Knap-in Report

Host – Barry Rogers


The Knap in was held at the Ft Whoop-Up Blackpowder Range SW of Lethbridge Alberta, Canada, in conjunction with their Blackpowder Rendezvous.

Unfortunately it rained the first 3 days and was sunny on the last day. Rain is a rare occurrence for this area and the fact that the heavy rain was forecast reduced local attendance significantly. Fortunately a 20 x 20 tent was rented in anticipation of a hot sun shining.  A radiant heater was bought that kept everyone warm and dry. Even the tenters were happy. 

George and Cheryl Bryce and John and Susan Pearson plus 18 Canadian knappers attended, plus interest from 30 blackpowder shooters made the event a success. We invited the Black powder people to our potluck and they were very impressed.

 Next year we will have a combined potluck.  Two 2” Goat contests were held and an auction in the club house mostly paid for the tent, 6 teepees, 2 whiskey trader tents. plus the Blackpowder shooter gave period atmosphere to the event.

 My camera gave up and thus I only have photos taken at other times. The site is 80 acres in the river valley with lots of camping room and alongside the Oldman River. Some participants even found fossils in the river but no ammonites which are mined about 5 miles upstream. We are looking forward to sunny weather for the 2016 knap in.



2015 Sammamish Knap-in Report

Hosts – Jim and Beverly Keffer


This year’s Sammamish Knap-in, while a little wet, was nevertheless a great success. The rain didn't prevent a good turnout and the Keffer's shop provided adequate space for flintknapping and several other activities. Some of the attendees still had projects from the Ft Knapadonia knap-in to finish including Didgeridoo making, and PVC pipe bows. A couple additional activities - arrow making and a Flemish bow string demo were also part of the mix. But mostly it was Flintknapping that occupied everyone over the three days.



2015 Millersylvania Knap-in Report

Hosts Mick and Holly Hill

The last knap-in of 2015 ended the year with a bang – a REALL BIG BANG!  Mick and Holly always put on a great event and this one was no exception.  It was the largest Millersylvania Knap-in I’ve ever attended (regular attendee since 2009) and also the most entertaining! 

It is truly a testament to Mick and Holly that this knap-in continues to grow and attract noobies while at the same time has a core group of knappers that have been coming for most, if not all, the last 19 years!  And this in spite of the fact it has some of the worst weather!

There were quite a few noobie knappers that attended this year and were able to watch some of the best knappers anywhere.  Steve Allely (first time attending Millersylvania), Brad Baughman, Jim Miller, and Mick Hill put on an all-start clinic on knapping.  And the 2” Goat contest, won by Steve Allely, gave the noobies a sense of not only what can be done with flintknapping, but also how much fun the PSK has at our events!

Holly’s potluck pre-Thanksgiving dinner was, as usual, spectacular.  Her dinner brings out the best in potluck Thanksgiving contributions.  All the trimmings, and I mean ALL THE TRIMMINGS, were just terrific. 



Update on the Website

As of November 2015, more than 125,000 ‘unique visitors’ have seen the PSK website.  A ‘unique visitor’ is one that has not visited the website in the past.  We’ve also had over 5.9 MILLION hits!    A ‘hit’ is a visit or viewing of an individual page on the site.   And we’ve had visitors from 161 different countries.  The number of people visiting and the number of pages accessed (hits) is growing each month.

Website Funding

Our current web hosting contract for the website expired in September of 2013.  I renewed the contract for a cost of $180 for three years (up slightly from the introductory price of $150).  I also renewed the contract with an outside service to monitor and protect our website from hackers for $99/year.

The website is paid for by voluntary contributions, usually at the knap-ins.  Knap-in hosts who receive donations that exceed their cost have been passing along some of the excess contributions to the website.  So your donations at the knap-in may well help maintain the website.  However, covering the cost of the knap-in has greater priority to make sure to donate to cover their costs first.  Still, any contribution helps!

Thanks to a very generous donation by Richard and Joan Urata, more than half of the cost for the website has been covered for the next couple of years

Member Art Galleries


We now have 87 member art galleries.  Member Art Galleries are the best way for PSK members to showcase their art and this section is one of the most visited on the website.  These art galleries have a tremendous impact of creating awareness both of the PSK and Flintknapping in general.


If you already have an art gallery please continue to send in photos of your work. It helps keep the website interesting and vibrant!  If you don’t already have an art gallery but would like one simply send some photos and a brief biography to the webmaster at:  .  There is no charge!


Website Contributions – Non-Monetary!


The PSK website is dependent on member contribution to keep it relevant.


I'd like to encourage every member to contribute to the website.   Here are some of the ways to contribute:


1. Photos for your art gallery or a new art gallery (no charge!)

2. How To articles on anything pertaining to flintknapping or Paleo Art

3. Road Trip Articles pertaining to rock collecting, arrowheads, Paleo Art, etc.

4. Rules, Regulations, Governmental policies that pertain to flintknapping

5. Knapper Recipes seen (or made) for Knap-in

6. Anything else that may be of interest to our members


Knapper’s Marks

Once again, we encourage every member to register their ‘knapper mark‘.

The ‘Knapper Recipe’ Section is always looking for new recipes from our knap-ins!

We’ve also added a new section, PSK Humor prompted by contributions by Dave Rauschenberg and Mick Hill!

The Knappable Rock in the PNW section is still off to a SLOOOOWWWW start – only two contributions so far.  This could be of great use to both noobies and old-timers!

This section will feature knappable rock found in the PNW and include photos of ‘rough rock’, as it was found in nature, slabs of the same rock and, where appropriate, photos of slabs of that rock after heat treating.  Only general locations will be given, i.e. NW Oregon or Columbia River Basin, but additional information such as heat treating recommendations will be included.  I encourage all members who can contribute photos as outlined above to send them to me at reefer@pugetsoundknappers.com.

The ‘Lost and Found’ Section has already paid dividends – the owners of several ‘found items’ were located and the items were returned.  If you lose or find something at one of our knap-ins just contact the webmaster and I’ll include it!


The ‘Interesting Stuff’ sections even more new articles and information.




The next SPALLS issue will be in February 2016 following the Cabin Fever/Winter Break Knap-in.  Hope to see you there!



Other items of interest:


Webmaster and PSK member Jim Keffer has initiated a campaign to reverse the recent decision by the US Forest Service Modoc National Forest (Alturas District Office) that lowers the amount of obsidian that recreational collector may take from 500 pounds annually to only 100 pounds annually.  This ridiculously low amount makes it almost impossible for the average rock hound or flintknapper to afford to visit Davis Creek.  At the same time the USFS continues to allow ‘commercial claims’ on Davis Creek obsidian contrary to the Federal Mining Act of 1872 (as amended) with little or no limits.


A request has been made via the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for the following:

  1.  An accounting of all monies received from the claims for rock in the Davis Creek area covered by the permits and claims for obsidian.  Specifically money received since the inception of the USFS program that provided for claims in the Davis creek area, the annual amount of the funds generated and the disposition of these funds.

  2. Any and all justification for allowing claims, including but not limited to, Modoc Nat Forest/USFS Alturas District Regulations, USFS regional rules and regulations and USFS Federal regulations promulgated to overrule the Federal Mining Act.

  3. All papers, analysis, reports, decisions, rules and regulations pertaining to the lowering of the collection limit to 100 pounds.


    I have received a reply from the USFS requesting either an in person meeting or conference call with the District Forest Ranger, Timothy Davis (tedavis@fs.fed.us) and the USFS Geologist, Dan Munger (ddmunger@fs.fed.us ).


    PSK member and professional geologist Jim Miller has agreed to assist me in his capacity as a geologist, rock hound and flintknapper.  Several others have also stepped up to help.


    If you are interested in supporting this cause please contact me at: . 

    Or contact the USFS directly at the addresses above.




    Obsidian Sources (Worldwide): http://www.obsidianlab.com/sourcecatalog/s_home.html

    Obsidian Sources (Western U.S. -  (Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory) http://www.obsidianlab.com/gis_sources.html


    Rock Collecting Regulations Links:


    WA and Oregon Rock Collecting Guide - http://www.pugetsoundknappers.com/how_to/rock_collecting_Guide_WA-OR.html


    BLM Glass Buttes Handout - http://www.pugetsoundknappers.com/how_to/BLM_Glass_Buttes_Handout_4-09.html





    Website for Artifact and Archeological Books

    This website has Artifact and Archeological Books and Videos for sale. 

Go to: https://openlibrary.org/publishers/Hothem_House_Books


Check out the Arrowhead Forum! http://arrowheadology.com/forums/


Society of Primitive Technology (SPT) http://www.primitive.org/ The purpose of the Society of Primitive Technology is to promote the practice and teaching of aboriginal skills; to foster communication between teachers and practitioners; to set standards for authenticity, ethics and quality.  Publishes the Bulletin of Primitive Technology



There is a flint forum where knappers can participate by posting and reading messages and/or going into the chat room.  It may be of interest as knapping information is passed back and forth via messages.  It is called TARP – you know, the thing you put on the ground to collect the débitage.     http://www.egroups.com/group/thetarp . 



Another e-group for knappers:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Knappers-R-Us/


Flintknappers Digest

Another Egroup called Flintknapper’s Digest:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flintknappingdigest/


Lithic Casting Lab

Anyone who wants to replicate certain styles of points (Flake patterns, thickness, convexity, length, and width), you can purchase castings of artifacts from Lithic Casting Lab:  http://www.lithiccastinglab.com/


Paleo Planet

Primitive Technology discussions, including flintknapping:  www.PaleoPlanet.net



Editor and Publisher

James C. Keffer

23811 NE 14th St

Sammamish, WA 98074



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