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Lake and Park Knapping Class/Demonstation Report

work in progress

Seward Park, Seattle, WA November 4, 2019

Hosts - Jim Keffer (PSK) and Eileen Hynes (Lake and Park School)

On November the 4th, 2019, membersof the PSK joined the Staff and Students of Lake and Park School at Seward Park in Seattle, WA for a day of flintknapping Demonstrations, Show and Tell and Hands-on Learning! Jim Keffer was join in this endeavor by PSK members Jim Miller, Jim Smith and Ken (name withheld by request)

Eighteen of the school's 4th and 5th graders were able to try their hands and flintknapping! The PSK provided the rock (Obsidian) tools, safety glasses, gloves and instruction and had a blast working with these energetic and motivated youngsters. The rest of the students, approximately forty, had an opportunity to see and touch the stone tools created by PSK knappers and participate in a discussion of the history and techniques of flintknapping.

Kudos to all of the Lake and Park School Staff! It was our pleasure to work with such inspirational teachers! The Lake and Park student are indeed fortunate to have such teachers and mentors!

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